The Narrative Hosted by Ni & Nay

We are two college girlfriends who found ourselves coming together to have conversations that we felt did not receive the necessary exposure.

Where are these real conversations? And why don’t we bring them to the public?

Join us as we share our nuanced perspectives through the lens of our shared outspoken, intentional, and multidimensional nature.

Check us out weekly for a range of topics regarding self-reflection and the world we live in. As we draw from our life experiences and perspectives, we hope you join us on your own journey of introspection, sometimes leading to laughs and other times leading to tears.

We hope you leave every week feeling empowered to radically love yourself and speak your truth, even when it’s unpopular.

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Twitter: @ninaynarrative

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Episode 3: Cancel Cancel Culture
Show Details29min 9s
Episode 2: Way Too Strong
Show Details26min 59s
Episode 1: Coming Together
Show Details15min 36s