Nay With The Narrative

I am a college student at Cornell University and I found myself wanting to have authentic, underexposed conversations.

Where are these real conversations? And why don’t I bring them to the public?

Join me as I share my nuanced perspectives through the lens of my outspoken, intentional, and multidimensional nature with special guests!

Spend time with me weekly for a range of topics regarding self-reflection and the world we live in. As I draw from my life experiences and perspectives, I hope you join me on your own journey of introspection. Leave every week feeling empowered to radically love yourself and speak your truth, even when it's unpopular.

Instagram: @thee.narrative

Twitter: @theenarrative

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Show Details26min 52s
Episode 14: 20 Lessons Learned in 2020
Show Details41min 38s
Episode 13: Controlling Your Narrative
Show Details31min 22s
Episode 12: Becoming an Individual
Show Details18min 19s
Episode 11: Black Excellence
Show Details43min 34s
Episode 10: Type-A Personality
Show Details42min 4s
Episode 9: Pre-Med and Famous
Show Details45min 45s
Episode 8: Cocky vs. Confident
Show Details40min 56s
Episode 7: Disconnected. Africa vs. The African Diaspora
Show Details59min 11s
Episode 6: Are you more than an Ivy League student?
Show Details37min 57s
Episode 5: Speak The Narrative
Show Details36min 19s
Episode 3: Cancel Cancel Culture
Show Details29min 9s
Episode 2: Way Too Strong
Show Details26min 59s
Episode 1: Coming Together
Show Details15min 36s