• Episode 32 Intellectual Barber Talk

    NFL CFB picks for the upcoming. Eddi ask does injustices still an obstacle for blacks? Dre educated Eddi on the current situation with the current war between the Palestines and Israel.

    1h 20m - Oct 13, 2023
  • "We back, back, again.."

    Dre and Eddi back at it again with the usual....

    S2E32 - 1h 53m - Sep 28, 2023
  • S2 Ep 31 "Like We Never Left"

    Eddi and Dre finally get back to recording.

    1h 33m - May 27, 2022
  • Episode 30 "Just In Time"

    Week 4 picks, last week they ended up in a tie. Both had 5 losses. Would you watch a sex tape of your friend male or female?

    1h 26m - Sep 30, 2021
  • Episode 29 "Not 28"

    Trying to get back on schedule just in time for the 2021 NFL season..

    1h 41m - Sep 18, 2021
  • Episode 28 "F**kin Americans"

    Tonight the fellas discuss the gas shortage, NFL schedule, etc. Dre breakdown his top 10 list of all time California rappers. They also go back n forth on their personal list of all time diss records....

    2h 47m - May 14, 2021
  • Episode 27 "Unorganized"

    The fellas are back after a brief hiatus. They talked about the NFL draft, college football, and etc. This episode was very unorganized but its been a while give us a break!

    1h 38m - May 6, 2021
  • Episode 26 Where you been?!

    After a long break, the guys explain where they've been... life and COVID-19...

    2h 47m - Apr 17, 2021
  • Episode 25 Brotherly Love

    Why do men have a hard time telling their friends they love them? LA culture with NFL team hats, what to and not to wear when you come to LA.

    2h 24m - Mar 6, 2021
  • Episode 24 "Celebrity Funeral"

    This episode the guys debate which athletes death would hurt more.. Dre gets into gang culture and we speak on first cars.. Dre got a work call and had to end abruptly, next week we'll do better.

    1h 28m - Feb 27, 2021
  • Episode 23 "Twenty Three"

    The guys speak on the crazy weather going locally and in Texas. Sports talk as normal, and planning another Versus Battle.

    1h 31m - Feb 27, 2021
  • Episode 22 "Top Flight"

    On this episode the guys make their super bowl predictions. Conversations of fast food, dealing with the homeless and Top 25 personal albums. Who as the best and worst airports, and of course Dre has an airport story. And then lastly, a versus was born.

    2h 17m - Feb 10, 2021
  • Episode 21 "Old Enough 2 Drink"

    The guys keep it light, discuss GB vs TB, Buff vs KC. Dre talks about work events, how crazy are manager functions?

    1h 36m - Jan 30, 2021
  • Episode 20 "Drizly.com"

    Eddi and Dre make it to their 20th episode. Guys speak on the inauguration then from there the conversation kind of goes every where... hope you can keep up!

    2h 18m - Jan 28, 2021
  • Episode 19.5 "Super Bowl Contest"

    Today we had to keep the train going. Dre is out waiting on COVID results. Eddi did not want ramble on his own, so he asked one of his best friends to fill in last min. Pika was glad to do so. They spoke on March Madness in Lexington Ky, the craziness is going to be missed. Also, how yt ppl just want black athletes to shut up and dribble. Coach Cal standing up for his players against the attacks. Trump's pardons on musical talents. What are they watching and listening to now?

    1h 51m - Jan 21, 2021
  • Episode 19 "Bleep that out"

    On this episode it gets spicy.5 Dre and Eddi review last weeks attempted coup. Dre gets passionate about wanting his people to be better. They differ on opinions when it comes to shares the blame men or women when it comes to pregnancy. The guys also review upcoming playoffs and make their picks, Dre finally picks the Ravens but with a twist.

    2h 35m - Jan 16, 2021
  • Episode 18 "COVID Free Zone"

    Guys came back after a long holiday break just in time for playoff football. As usual Eddi and Dre make their predictions, Dre still doesn't pick the Ravens. Speaks on MC Hammer being gangster. Heavy D being underrated. Dealing with whites in the military, Eddi tells his basic training fight story.

    2h 32m - Jan 6, 2021
  • Episode 17 "Christmas eve eve"

    The guys speak on last weeks picks. Eddi's brother Alec stops in for a min to chill with the gang. And some how they end up on gang culture.

    2h 47m - Dec 24, 2020
  • Episode 16 "Christmas Extortion"

    Dre does not care about Deion Sander's accomplishment, Eddi thinks he at least deserves acknowledgement for creating the #1 recruiting class in the FCS. Weekly NFL picks, Eddi won another week ironically because the Ravens beat the Browns (he hates the Ravens). Is Christmas extorting relationships? Is gifting mandatory?

    1h 59m - Dec 19, 2020
  • Episode 15 "Kentucky Gentleman"

    New look new location, clear and in HD live on Facebook.

    Weekly NFL picks.. coaching vs talent.. Where's the controversy?!

    1h 39m - Dec 10, 2020
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