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Nagwa Malik's Naked Thoughts

The first episode begins with Q&A Session with my readers on my books in general and my new book A NOVEL. It was put up on youtube and my other sites last month. The rest of the episodes will be a general take on life, society, people, culture, humanity and how I incorporate them in my books, expanding on these thoughts.Post Frequency: intermittent to rare.


Past tense, Present Tense/continuous tense, Future Tense, When to use
Show Details15min 36s
Say, Tell, Ask, when and How to use
Show Details4min 1s
Gemstones in Urdu
Show Details6min 49s
I believe Pt III
Show Details17min 42s
I believe Pt II
Show Details26min 17s
I believe Pt I
Show Details30min 44s
Trouble pronouncing these names? Or just can't be bothered?
Show Details31min 5s
Things related to the kitchen in Urdu: utensils and food items
Show Details22min 43s
Being a Desi and Living in Desiland
Show Details28min 46s
Basic Questions in Urdu for a beginner or a traveler
Show Details24min 32s
Urdu Grammar: Basic rules on syntax and word order, verbs and adjectives
Show Details18min 34s
Social Etiquette and Social Media
Show Details37min 21s
Pakistan Today: Where we stand
Show Details31min
Munafiq aur Neech log (deifnition of hypocrites and lowlives)
Show Details49min 3s
Ramadan Mubarak 2022
Show Details45min 51s
On Schools and Books and Their Roles Today
Show Details27min 58s
On Businesses
Show Details29min 54s
Why No Etiquette?
Show Details36min 59s
How do you Not Know
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USC CORP PAKISTAN Govt corruption or Incompetence? ONGOING DRAMA
Show Details16min 10s
Funny S&@t People Throw at you Pt II
Show Details14min 49s
Funny S&@t People Throw at you Pt I
Show Details11min 2s
Disease or Just Rotten?
Show Details28min 11s
The NADRA Affair Conclusion
Show Details15min 28s
Exploitation of Family Values and Family in our Society Pt II
Show Details41min 53s
Exploitation of Family and Family Values in our Society Pt I
Show Details35min 11s
The Murree Tragedy
Show Details32min 56s
Show Details7min 51s
Show Details20min 37s
Show Details24min 19s
Citizens Portal: Digitally screwing with Citizens Pt IV (the Lesco Affair)
Show Details8min 34s
How we make others feel
Show Details21min 14s
Citizens Portal: Digitally screwing with citizens Pt III
Show Details7min 16s
Citizens Portal: Digitally Screwing with Citizens Pt II
Show Details19min 36s
Citizens Portal: Digitally screwing the citizens Pt I
Show Details15min 18s
How the government law enforcement agencies, banks and politicians deal with victims of cyber crime and other crimes
Show Details34min 25s
Lack of manner equals lack of virtues, moral values and degradation of society
Show Details35min 4s
Annoyances of Today's Society
Show Details20min 34s
Answer to those who indulge in victim-bashing on various crimes
Show Details29min 57s
Our Pet Peeves
Show Details22min 22s
Eid Day III SPECIAL: Hypocrisy of citing culture
Show Details15min 1s
Butterfly effect
Show Details44min 14s
A Desi's baddua for all desis
Show Details5min 41s
Islam's take on rape, sexual harassment
Show Details24min 29s
Islam's take on rape/ sexual harassment Pt 2
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the 5Ws and 1H, basic questions, time, usage of time in basic conversation, elements in Urdu
Show Details15min 51s
List of flowers in English and Urdu
Show Details5min 19s
Lists of colours, descriptive colours, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and spices in English and Urdu
Show Details19min 24s
Basic sentences in Urdu
Show Details29min 16s
Alphabets, numbers and lists of animals, birds and body parts in Urdu
Show Details34min 15s
Urdu and the usage of Urdu/Hindi correct or incorrect
Show Details27min 55s
Transitioning accents, dialects and languages Pt2
Show Details20min 34s
Transitioning Accents
Show Details2min 20s
What we do wrong as a society today...Ramblings Pt2
Show Details31min 29s
Cyber-bullying: What we do wrong as a society Ramblings Pt1
Show Details4min 47s
My books and why I don't market them Pt2
Show Details18min 52s
My Books and Why I don't Market them Pt1
Show Details7min 22s
Our civilisation today
Show Details24min 43s
Q&A Session with my readers on my new book A NOVEL
Show Details37min 39s