• Imran Riaz Khan Released By State Managers: Another Step Towards Show Of Good Faith?

    So, both the Khan's are seeing movement: Imran Khan is being moved to Adiala jail where he was originally supposed to have been detained, and Imran Riaz Khan is suddenly released. We all know the latter's lawyer and friend has been tirelessly working towards his release, negotiating with the intelligence agency responsible for his disappearance, but I do find the timing of his release noteworthy, just after they start the process of releasing other PTI members.

    And the irony here is these same agencies said they had no idea where IRK was...but suddenly he gets released now, at this time? Food for thought.

    26m | Sep 25, 2023
  • Desperate Much? Army Forces Primary Students To Watch anti Imran Khan Propaganda Film While Caretaker PM Takes Family on Trip At Public's Expense

    That is pretty much it: our caretaker PM is doing everything except his job while the ISI/army is involving school students into politics and becoming a laughing stock.

    14m | Sep 24, 2023
  • Any Updates? Pt2 Follow Up: The Details; IK says back off, Show Of Good Faith?

    Here I'll give details like names of who met IK and what he agreed to and what he disagreed to, and how they have taken steps to show good faith to Imran Khan. Yes they have also allowed telease on bail of other pti male members, but Khatija and others who faced the worst of it are still detained. They may claim 70% pti members are technically released and it is a good start...But, is it enough?

    There are people who will happily intervene and try to break up this flow, then can we trust the managers to uphold their part of backing off?

    IK has one condition: for the establishment to back off especially from the courts. Will they?

    23m | Sep 23, 2023
  • Any Updates? The New CJ & Imran Khan;, India Canada and the US

    An analysis (more like a personal take) on what's going on within and out of Pakistan and the idiosyncrasies of the people, institutions and countries.

    PS The "visits by someone from the establishment or army" does not mean a personal visit, and is to be understood as mediators sent to Imran Khan in jail, usually someone close to both sides, and even accompanied by IK's lawyer.

    What is the rumour that IK said yes to? Something he always agreed to: helping with the economic crisis and what did he disagree to? Leaving the country.

    Also worth remembering even though he is in jail and the police isn't letting him going to court for his other trials, the courts, stating his absence as the reason, are denying bail. This shows the illegal action taken by the judges as they follow the command of the establishment and army which is illegal and unconstitutional.

    31m | Sep 23, 2023
  • A Child's Murder is on Pakistan State Managers' and Maryam Nawaz's Heads

    Little Ammar has passed away, succumbing to his illness, caused by acute grief, and the country is demanding justice for him: his death is on Maryam Nawaz and the pak army's and police force's and judiciary heads as well as the establishment's.

    We need to think about how the US's involvement in this whole charade means all crimes and deaths occurred during this event and all related events to follow are the US's responsibility and it must be held accountable.

    And some more thoughts on the Canada, India situation as well as the elections and where Imran Khan stands.

    44m | Sep 20, 2023
  • Out and Out War Between Courts and Government

    Once again a War begins Between the Courts and the govt and establishment this time judges charging the police and others on crimes against personal injury, political victimisation and trespassing.

    On the other side Canadian PM accuses India for sending spy to commit murder on Canadian soil.

    15m | Sep 19, 2023
  • India, Pakistan's Ugly Sister and Dropping Bombs

    India is always so fragile...why the need to use Pakistan to win elections?

    And has CJ Bandial really dropped a bomb just before retirement?

    22m | Sep 17, 2023
  • Who The Hell is The US Ambassador pt2

    Details on judiciary, the president of Pakistan's latest move, elections and Jinnah Day.

    20m | Sep 13, 2023
  • Who The Hell is the US Ambassador Visiting the ECP? Pt1

    US ambassador visits election Commissioner...why? In what capacity? This just confirms Pakistan is no longer a sovereign state...and what more is going on? Who made India the global market? Who is responsible for France? Who is next?

    PS not mentioned in the podcast in my rant I forgot: Imran Khan Still not released: the illegal special court that has no constitutional or legal.standing extends his remand. Imran Riaz Khan nowhere near release either. Will conver in pt 2.

    39m | Sep 13, 2023
  • Answering The Much Asked Questions (with tips)

    Since even my hair stylist has asked me this as well, I think I should try and give an answer: it is a much asked question that people have asked me for years re my hair. I hope some of these tips prove helpful for those out there struggling with hair and skin issues.

    57m | Sep 13, 2023
  • The Gender ID/Transition Label Trend

    Banning an athlete for being a transgender? Taking the law into your own hands? Transitioning minors?

    Let's finally talk about all this nonsense and the lack of common sense in people with this regressive mind.

    49m | Sep 8, 2023
  • Steps Taken To Officiate Dictatorship (with US Blessing)

    As predicted the sudden convenient arrival of the taliban in obvious areas of Pakistan, continuing unrest and the govt is planning on coercing solar system owners to give electricity for free and buy IPP electricity from the govt for astronomical rates: open season for plunder. These are steps being taken in order to officiate dictatorship.

    32m | Sep 7, 2023
  • Is It AJoke? A Shock? Patriots?

    COAS is taking control as finance minister...CNN pretends to be shocked. Amazing how unoriginal the US is and how unoriginal Asim Munir, the COAS is with his plans. People need to do more than just lock down, we need now to take aggressive measures and PARALYSE the state.

    Why is it going to be easy to stop crime and terrorism? Why was it easy before?

    26m | Sep 4, 2023
  • Imran Khan's Release Ordered....Will it be Implemented?


    World wide protests to release Imran Khan and the Court orders his release but Why isn't he out? Moreover what are they planning re Imran Riaz Khan?

    Pak police and army have no balls to stand up to their handful of superiors? How can they claim to save and protect the country if they cannot even stand up to violations by their handful of superiors?

    15m | Sep 2, 2023
  • Pakistan Public to Shut Country Down

    Finally the public of Pakistan has decided to lead the protest towards shutting the country down. Better late than never.

    PDM displays its utter beghairti and shamelessness. But it is a golden chance to kill them off. Will the public be able to do to the pdm what it has done to us?

    11m | Aug 28, 2023
  • My Kingdom for Pure Cotton Lawn

    The struggle has gone beyond ridiculous.

    15m | Aug 26, 2023
  • Aggressive Protests All Over Pakistan Over Atrocious Electricity Bills pt 1&2 (FULL)

    As promised for those who find it a bit annoying to click on pt1 and 2 separately, here is the full episode.

    22m | Aug 26, 2023
  • Aggressive Protests All Over Pakistan Over Atrocious Electricity Bills pt 2

    Although I recorded this episode as one, as updates were coming up while i was recording, somehow it got split up as I uploaded it, so I thought this probably was better: thus pt 2. I will upload pt1&2 together as one as well, which I will upload on youtube as well.

    12m | Aug 26, 2023
  • Aggressive Protests All Over Pakistan Over Atrocious Electricity Bills pt 1

    Finally the people have erupted and the protest is growing by the hour as we speak all over the country with people burning their bills and catching the employees of the Pakistan Electricity Supply Company. Please listen to pt2 as updates continued as I was recording the episode, making it better to split it into 2 parts.

    9m | Aug 25, 2023
  • Toxic Fan Culture in Korea

    Just marvelling at the way the industry caters to the toxic Fan Culture...and talking a bit about the workings of an entertainment industry as someone who has worked as a writer and producer. Hope the little insights will help give others a better idea of what the media industry is all about.

    I do hope Korean industry will now work on boundaries instead of encouraging the very toxic Fan Culture which is detrimental to the sanity of artists.

    26m | Aug 24, 2023
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