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The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence

The Tragic Story of South Carolina's Powerful Murdaugh Family. A family connected to power and mysterious deaths. #murdaugh #stephensmith #murdaughmurders #truecrime

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59: Alex's Insurance Company Believes Alex Played Them
Show Details29min 55s
58: After Examining the Satterfield 911 Call We Have Questions
Show Details37min 2s
57: Banker Makes Bond, Alex & Paul Party Pics
Show Details22min 56s
56: Alex's Brother Talks The Day of Murders & A Weapons Expert
Show Details35min 42s
55: Explosive Charges Against Banker Lafitte & More Against Alex
Show Details12min 12s
54: Houses Sell, A Funeral Home Loan, and What It Means
Show Details25min 48s
53: Former FBI Agent Shares His Theory On The Murders
Show Details30min 37s
52: Bonus Ep: The Story of Mass Murderer Pee Wee Gaskins
Show Details38min 35s
51: We Answer Your Questions & Respond To Criticism Plus More Legalese
Show Details31min 8s
50. We Talked With Alex's Brother About Maggie's Phone
Show Details26min 59s
49. Was Paul Murdaugh Followed Before The Murder?
Show Details32min 49s
48. A 911 Operator Reviews Alex's Call The Night Of The Murders
Show Details34min 14s
Episode 47: Alex's Friend Indicted For Helping Alex Defraud Clients
Show Details33min 19s
Episode 46: Alex's Controversial Move We Saw Coming
Show Details29min 50s
Episode 45: A Judge Accused of Helping Alex!
Show Details32min
Episode 44: Crime Scene Discussion With SC Coroner
Show Details34min 14s
43: Episode 43: More Lawsuits, And Moselle For Sale
Show Details29min 33s
42: Bonus Episode. A Couple Goes Missing in Hilton Head
Show Details50min 19s
Episode 41: Could Alex Pass Property To Buster? & Bank History
Show Details28min 11s
Episode 40: Alex faces new charges & A forensic accountant joins us
Show Details37min 58s
Episode #39. A Sketchy Loan & Is Law Enforcement Stonewalling
Show Details36min 9s
Episode #38: Heads Roll And Another Bond Hearing For Alex
Show Details23min 55s
Episode #37. Changes In The Firm + Alex's Grandfather's Death Row Controversy
Show Details29min 8s
Episode #36. $ Laundering Lesson & an Upset Family
Show Details27min 18s
Episode 35: Special Treatment Or Standard Practice?
Show Details21min 56s
Episode #34: Will Alex Be Home For Christmas?
Show Details21min 1s
Episode #33: Is Alex hiding more money than we thought?
Show Details29min 29s
Episode #32. Your Questions Answered By Legal Analyst
Show Details30min 25s
Episode #31. The Satterfield 911 Call Who is the "fella"?
Show Details23min 12s
Episode #30. Q and A with Hampton Native and Some New Insight
Show Details33min
Episode #29. Attorney Eric Bland will blow your mind with his reaction to Alex Murdaugh's new indictments on stealing money!
Show Details36min 53s
Episode #28. Jack Pot! The Story of Drug Kingpins In The Low Country!
Show Details27min 31s
Episode #27. Is Alex a danger? Something doesn't smell right!
Show Details21min 39s
Episode #26: Show Them Your Money & A Drug Cartel
Show Details22min 39s
Episode #25. 911 Calls & An ER DR Breaks Down Alex's Injuries After Shooting
Show Details37min 28s
Episode #24. Major Takeaways From Alex's Bond Hearing
Show Details21min 56s
Episode #23. Alex arrested! Head injuries fact or fiction?
Show Details17min 46s
Episode #22. Hampton Native Speaks Out
Show Details33min 23s
Episode #21. Distancing from Alex
Show Details21min 54s
Episode #20. Who knew what, and when did they know it?
Show Details26min 20s
Episode #19. Marriage Trouble?
Show Details17min 38s
Episode #18. A New Reason Alex May Do Time
Show Details17min 28s
Episode #17. Seismic Discovery Sends Shockwaves Across SC
Show Details22min 22s
Episode #16. The Death of Stephen Smith (updated)
Show Details21min 45s
Episode #15. Death, Corruption & Missing Money
Show Details26min 8s
Episode #14. An Arrest is Made and Alex Tells His Story
Show Details16min 12s
Episode #13. Is There Video?
Show Details14min 9s
Episode #12. Who Shot Alex? + Follow The Money!
Show Details30min 4s
Episode #11. Who Scared Connor Cook?
Show Details24min 57s
Episode #10. Murdaugh 911 Call
Show Details11min 15s
Episode #9. Boating Accident Audio & Reports
Show Details32min 37s
Episode #8. E.R. Drama!
Show Details29min 48s
Episode #7. Fatal Boat Crash – Alleged Conspiracy & Cover Up
Show Details28min 18s
Episode #6. New Evidence & More Questions
Show Details22min 42s
Episode #5. The History of The Murdaugh Family
Show Details18min 38s
Episode #4. A Look At The Cases Through An Attorney's Eyes
Show Details17min 53s
Episode #3. The Death of Stephen Smith Case...Reopened
Show Details24s
Episode #2. The Fatal Boating Accident
Show Details32min 6s
Episode #1. The Murdaugh Double Homicide
Show Details19min 32s
Coming Soon!
Show Details5min 52s