• Episode 2 - Moroccan society

    In this podcast we shared our thoughts about the Moroccan society, and how it affects each and every one of us in certain ways.

    Comment either you agree or disagree with what we said, and share more of your own experience

    59m - May 23, 2022
  • Episode 1 - Mental Health

    فهاد الحلقة هدرنا على واحد الموضوع منسي فالمجتمع المغربي لي هو الصحة العقلية

    !! الى لقيتي راسك فهاد الشي لكنهضرو عليه خلي لينا فتعليق الرأي ديالك اولا التجارب دزتي منهم

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    In this episode we share our thoughts and discuss a very sensitive topic that's ignored in the Moroccan culture, join us!!

    If you can relate to anything we said leave your opinions and thoughts about this topic and do you struggle with mental health issues yourself ?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    More about the topic :


    Morocco’s Health Ministry Raises Awareness on Mental Health Day

    : https://bit.ly/3LmwXBk

    New Clinic for Psychiatric Care, Addiction Treatment Opens in Casablanca : https://bit.ly/3NmbmdT

    Building Work Starts on Agadir’s First Psychiatric Hospital : https://bit.ly/3NkQAen

    Morocco state and non-state actors collaborate to provide mental health and psychosocial support services during the COVID-19 pandemic

    : https://bit.ly/3NkQK5t


    57m - May 17, 2022
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