Russia Putting Nukes in...Orphans Killed In Fauci Experiments...DHS investigate Journalists...Israel on Fire…Pentagon unveils new rules on ‘extremism’

6m | Dec 21, 2021
  • Russia Warns: Address *Our* Security Concerns or we will create them for **You** by Putting Nukes in Venezuela and Cuba!...Hal Turner radio Show
  • DISGUSTING: Reporter Makes Shocking Discovery About Orphans Killed In Fauci Experiments… 100 percent fed up
  • DHS using anti-terrorism powers to investigate, harass JOURNALISTS in America…Natural News
  • Iran Threatens to Light Israel on Fire…The Washington Free Beacon
  • Pentagon unveils new rules on ‘extremism’ following January 6 riot — even ‘liking’ a social media post could land a service member in trouble…The Blaze

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