Russia Orders Nuclear...End Game...Officials Draw Up Plans...7 Signs of War...

9m | Dec 18, 2021
  • Governments Across The Planet Are Running Rampant Towards Their Diabolical End Game… Biden Joins China In Carrying Out Genocide…All News Pipeline
  • Russia Orders Two Strategic (Nuclear) Missile Complexes to "Combat Duty"; Closes Northern Sea Route in Arctic Over NATO Activities…Hal Turner Radio Show
  • 7 Signs That War With Russia Just Got Even Closer…Zero Hedge
  • China has mind control weapons and isn't afraid to use them, warns US government…The Sun
  • Officials draw up plans for two-week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown…Info Wars
  • CDC just warned that 15,000 Americans will die EACH WEEK by Christmas; but it’s actually VACCINE DEATHS that are accelerating just as independent doctors told us all along…Natural News
  • Zuckerberg's election influence money went mostly to Biden districts…WND
  • Rabbis: College Diversity Officers Promoting ‘Irrational Hatred of Jews’…The Washington Free Beacon

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