Anti-Vaxxers To Be Rounded Up And Shot … $100 Million Initiative in Georgia

6m | Dec 12, 2021
  • As Globalists Call For Anti-Vaxxers To Be Rounded Up And Shot, Americans Should Remain ‘Loaded For Bear’ Because ‘A Shot In The Arm, A Shot In The Head, Either Way, You End Up Dead’…All News Pipeline
  • Mainstream media launches coordinated attack on guns, arguing for federal action…The Liberty Loft
  • After Antifa arrests, FBI director under fire for denying violent militants are an ‘organization’…Just The News
  • Governor calls group of residents concerned about their health ‘domestic terrorists’ with ‘bombs in their backpacks’…Law Enforcement Today
  • Far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center Announces New $100 Million Initiative in Georgia, Other Deep South States…The Georgia Star News

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