Generals Demand Pentagon...indefinite detention of unvaxxed...Transformed Into a Marxist-Communist Country

11m | Dec 19, 2021
  • Retired Generals Demand Pentagon ‘Take Steps’ to Stop ‘Insurrection’ After 2024 Election…Info Wars
  • Joe Biden Announces List of All 2021 Accomplishments…Breitbart
  • 22 Reasons Which Explain How America Has Been Transformed Into a Marxist-Communist Country…The Common Sense Show
  • Texas begins construction of state's southern border wall, Gov. Abbott unveils first section: 'While Biden does nothing, we are stepping up'...The Blaze
  • Amazon Partnered With China Propaganda Arm To Win Beijing’s Favor, Document Shows…The Washington Free Beacon
  • New York legislation provides for indefinite detention of unvaxxed at governor's whim…WND
  • Finding Strength Along A Post-CV Fury Road…Zero Hedge

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