• Secret Algorithms and Treasury Yields

    Secret Algorithms and Treasury Yields

    S1 - 36m - Jun 13, 2021
  • AMC, Quantitative Easing and Unemployment Numbers

    AMC, Quantitative Easing and Unemployment Numbers

    00:00 - Eric has gotten his hands dirty

    2:10 - $AMC is heating up

    16:00 - SPACs are up to some Monkey Business

    28:44 - Unemployment Numbers

    37:20 - Tapering and Quantitative Easing

    S1 - 48m - Jun 6, 2021
  • Electric Vehicles, AT&T and DOGE

    We travel in different vehicles (electric cars, trains) to cover much ground on conversations we never thought we'd be having.

    0:00 - Eric's moving and Texas gun laws

    2:30 - What's happening in the crypto market?

    6:55 - Sell in May and go away?

    7:20 - House sales and the effects of working from home

    12:10 - Oil mergers, electric vehicles and trains

    21:42 - More research on AT&T

    28:30 - Barron's Insider Buying

    31:30 - More women in finance

    35:20 - Conversations we never thought we'd have

    S1 - 48m - May 28, 2021
  • Hertz, Crypto and Tapering

    We don't always get it right. Hertz is a perfect example. We have some more insight into AT&T. Are we ready to jump in? Plus, what's driving the Bitcoin volatility? Not enough people are aware of the crypto crackdown in China.

    0:00 - College Tuition and Real Estate

    3:00 - Comedy Business

    6:30 - The Hertz Mea Culpa

    13:15 - Millennials percentage of wealth

    17:15 - AT&T Research

    24:20 - Crypto & Bitcoin Chinese Regulations

    39:19 - Richie's Picks

    42:00 - Fed Tapering

    S1 - 58m - May 23, 2021
  • Tesla and Bitcoin Monkey Business

    Richie's back and we're talking smack.

    00:00 - Horses on THE JUICE & Richie on the Loose

    03:32 - Tesla & Bitcoin Monkey Business

    14:50 - Betting Against the NASDAQ

    • Inflation
    • The Word of the Day is Transitory

    24:23 - Raising Wages

    • Gas Shortage
    • Time To Stack Your Chips?

    32:12 - Richie's Picks

    S1 - 41m - May 16, 2021
  • The Best Sandwich In New Jersey!

    Monkey Business is alive and well in New Jersey. The Garden State is apparently growing SPACS disguised as sandwich shops. Check out the tale of the $100 Million deli, where the cappuccino is as frothy as the market.

    0:00 - A Ransom Note?

    2:00 - Monkey Business In The Market

    6:00 - Metals at a new high with the prospect of inflation

    13:00 - Labor costs and the forgotten working class

    20:30 - DOW, DOGE, Ethereum and Tesla

    26:00 - The New Jersey Deli SPAC

    Question or comment for the show? Email MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    Eric's byline on Matt Taiibi's substack - Will "Goldman Penis Envy" Crash the Economy Again?

    S1 - 45m - May 9, 2021
  • Commodities & Oddities

    Get your gold here! We're talking commodities, what to look out for when investing in ETFs and why it's important to understand the futures market.

    2:00 - Reaction to President Biden and Chairman Powell's recent speeches

    7:37 - Apple Earnings

    12:40 - Commodities, Gold, Copper, Coffee, etc...

    35:35 - Lumber Prices and Inflation

    39:40 - Monkey Business drenched in oil

    43:50 - Gambling and Bitcoin

    Email the show: MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    S1 - 48m - May 2, 2021
  • Kentucky Derby Picks (Mini-Episode)

    Please enjoy Richie's Kentucky Derby picks courtesy of The Monkey Business Show. It's a BONUS mini-monkey episode. Happy Horse Racing!

    #KentuckyDerby #HorseRacing #Gambling

    8m - Apr 30, 2021
  • Dividends, Capital Gains Tax & The Housing Market

    Have you heard about dividends and wondered what they were all about? How can you identify good opportunities for investment? This episode is a good place to start. Richie and Eric drop some gems. Aaron actually retains some of the information. Good stuff!

    01:00 - Capital Gains Tax

    05:09 - Reaction to President Biden's Proposal

    11:00 - Warning Signs of a Market Correction

    18:00 - The Housing Market

    26:00 - Richie's Picks

    34:25 - Dividends and Investing Strategies

    S1 - 1h 6m - Apr 24, 2021
  • Coinbase w/ Kevin Dougherty

    With the Coinbase direct public offering hitting the market last week we had to bring back the crypto king, Kevin Dougherty to break it all down. What's it mean for the future of cryptocurrency and is Coinbase here for the long haul? We try to narrow down these answers and the Monkey Business Boys say goodbye to a Wall Street Legend, Bernie Madoff.

    S1 - 55m - Apr 18, 2021
  • Pot Stocks and Infrastructure: Zach Pace Returns

    We're high on pot stocks! Or are we? What's the best way to invest your money if you're a believer in the blossoming marijuana industry? We cover it all with returning guest, Zach Pace from On The Arm.

    On The Arm is a company that focuses on distributed ledger technology.

    Wanna learn more about On The Arm?

    Email Zach at Azp246@gmail.com

    Have a question or comments for the show? Send them to MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    S1 - 58m - Apr 11, 2021
  • Subprime Storytime

    Eric and Richie recall some of their best stories during the boom of subprime mortgages. 

    Email the show Monkeybizshow@gmail.com

    Follow on twitter @TheMonkeyBiz101

    S1 - 1h 47m - Apr 1, 2021
  • Chortle Your Diamond Balls

    What do you look for in a volatile market? Do you invest in mobile home parks? Do you look to short stocks?

    We talk about shady market manipulators, predatory tactics, and a few stories about Eric and Richie's experience at some of the larger firms, back in the day. Plus, a CONSPIRACY THEORY!

    Questions or comments for the show? Email MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com and we'll read it on the show.

    S1 - 58m - Mar 25, 2021
  • When The Stimmy Hits

    Analyzing the market after Fed Chair Jerome Powell addresses inflation and interest rates and people start receiving their Stimmy. Richie reports back on his market research, live from Las Vegas.

    We touch on the electric car gold rush, with Volkswagen stepping up their game against Tesla and other competitors.

    Have a question or comment for the show? Send an email to MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com and we'll read it on an upcoming show

    Follow and tweet us at: TheMonkeyBiz101

    S1 - 1h 1m - Mar 18, 2021
  • Richie Interviews for a Job At Nottingham Capital - Ep 12

    Richie interviews for a job with the boys at Nottingham Capital. We forecast what's coming in the market after President Biden's Covid Relief Bill is signed into law.

    Plus, we introduce the song of the summer, SPAC Dream by Cassius Cuvee. - Watch the video here

    Email - MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    Twitter - @TheMonkeyBiz101

    S1 - 1h 25m - Mar 12, 2021
  • Cannabis, Weed, Whatever You Need - Zach Pace on Distributed Ledger Technology

    If you can't get a loan and you can only accept cash for payment, it can be tough to build a successful business. That's just one of the speed bumps that companies in the cannibas space have to deal with. Zach Pace, may have a solution.

    The Monkey Business Boys also dive into potential bubbles, the bond market and assless chaps. We suspect, Richie might be in the bond market AND the Bondage market.

    Wanna get in touch with Zach regarding his company, On The Arm?

    Email him with any questions or comments at Azp246@gmail.com

    Have a question or comments for the show? Send them to MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    S1 - 59m - Mar 5, 2021
  • Bitcoin, Crypto and Emerging Markets with Kevin Dougherty

    Kevin Dougherty is a Wall Street veteran who specializes in emerging markets and cryptocurrency. He joins us to explain how they're following similar patterns in development. It's an enlightening conversation, but don't worry, we also get into some Monkey Business. You see, he was Richie's old roommate many moons ago, so we had to dive into that a little bit.

    We sift through audio clips, answer a listener email and of course Richie's picks!

    Email any questions or comments to monkeybizshow@gmail.com

    Check out Eric's feature on Matt Taibbi's site TK News

    Thanks for listening!

    S1 - 1h 23m - Feb 26, 2021
  • Robinhood Hearings and a 500 Million Dollar Mistake - Monkey Business Ep 9

    The Robinhood Boys are on The Hill and Eric braves the frozen San Antonio tundra to bring you this week's Monkey Business. Citibank had a case of the "fat finger" and are paying dearly for it.

    Richie and Eric take on a listener question on trading strategy. You can send in your questions to Monkeybizshow@gmail.com and follow the show on twitter @TheMonkeyBiz101

    S1 - 1h 10m - Feb 19, 2021
  • SPACS aka Special Purpose Acquisition Companies - Monkey Business Ep 8

    SPACs are popping up everywhere. Seemingly everyone from Alex Rodriguez to Colin Kaepernick have one in their back pocket. What are they and why would you want to get involved in a Special Purpose Acquisition Company?

    We dip our toes into pot stock and Bitcoin speculation.

    Also, we have an update from comedian Bret Raybould who in episode 101 was seeking to become the world's first publicly traded comedian.

    Email: MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    Twitter: @TheMonkeyBiz101

    Rich Bennett and Eric Salzman met on a Wall Street trading desk in the 1990s. They figured if we can’t play centerfield for the Yankees, Wall Street was the next best thing. For a long time, it was.

    While their careers diverged toward different firms Rich and Eric had a dream to create a show that pulled back the curtain on what really makes things go on Wall Street. They've teamed up with producer and host Aaron Hodges to make their dream come true!  

    With so many young guns getting into investing and trading, our main goal is to point out ways to win while not getting your wallet lifted! On "The Monkey Business Show" you’ll get great picks, solid lessons on risk, insightful guests and a lot of laughs.

    S1 - 1h 5m - Feb 11, 2021
  • Gamestop Cause We Can't Stop - Monkey Business Ep 7

    We're catching up on the Gamestop, Reddit, Hedgefund circus. What's Robinhood's role in all of it? Why did Robinhood essentially get bailed out after halting trades on certain stocks?

    Email: MonkeyBizShow@gmail.com

    Twitter: @TheMonkeyBiz101

    S1 - 1h 1m - Feb 4, 2021
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