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Taking an interest in life
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Thankful for modern living
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Your knowledge is your gain
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Just be, YOU!
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Motivation is BS?
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A thank you to parents
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Is Fantasy good? Is it bad? Neither
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Types of Warriors
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When stress hits look at these things
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My thoughts on the Capitol raid
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Could technology be the new religion?
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How I deal with anxiety
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We made it to 2021
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A year in the past, hello 2021
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Episode 20- Daily life with keeping whole
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Books I love part.2
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Seasons greetings from a minimalist
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Feeling neutral to it
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Circumstances change what we like
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Be thankful in tough times
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Two halves don't make a whole
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WTH is Urophagia?
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My history with music
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Don't always help them
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Audio books I love
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Podcast #8 Do you know your immune health?
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30 day challenge complete
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Being an Empath
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Social Media good and bad
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Value part 2
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Episode 2- Thanksgiving day
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My Podcast Introduction
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