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The Modern Imagination with Slapstick Machete

Each week Slapstick Machete goes off the record, on the record. The Modern Imagination is a psychedelic self-help podcast which will encourage you to free yourself from the rigid patterns of modern society and freely explore the beautiful chaotic world inside your own mind. Slapstick believes in leading by example, every Wednesday dive headfirst into his therapeutic cassette soundscapes and and monologues, recorded live from the 11th floor ward. Combining experimental music from the future with poetry, comedy, fantasy, philosophy, true life stories, free association, meditative ideas, and borderline complete nonsense – the material presented here is meant to shake loose the shackles of routine and introduce fresh stimuli to your imagination. Raised from brith to be an evangelic pastor, married and divorced before 30, car salesman of 5 years - and now a completely unhinged artist and self-made philosopher; Slapstick's unique life has made for a unique mind, unafraid to go where most wouldn't dare. Many episodes of The Modern Imagination were never intended to be a podcast or even intended to be heard by other people. Slapstick has been recording cassette tapes by himself, for himself for a long time as his own personal form of meditation, reflection, and therapy. Released at the encouragement of friends, the content of these deeply personal tapes reflects Slapstick's commitment to creativity without containment, bold honesty, unfettered intimacy, and loathing of self-censorship. Produced and distributed by Raptor Smoke Records.