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The Misunderstoods : A Film and Arts Podcast

A TV and Film podcast hosted by the characters of the greater Misunderstoods' family . Expect in depth analysis of films from every era .

We hope you enjoy.

Episodes uploaded weekly.


a Marriage Story, pt 1.
Show Details40min 42s
The Many Lives God.
Show Details1hr 26min
Show Details43min 34s
girls UN-interrupted.
Show Details1hr 3min
citizen Mank.
Show Details55min 41s
PrØlOgue - 2021
Show Details26min 26s
Film Credits #2
Show Details54min 35s
Film Credits #1
Show Details57min 53s
The Sylvia North Story
Show Details1hr 14min
Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Show Details1hr 23min
Chaos is Order yet undeciphered .
Show Details34min 54s
Have the lambs stopped screaming ?
Show Details51min 9s
Public Service Announcement .
Show Details51s