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Amateur Hour Golf Podcast

Amateur Golf stories and exploits of The Fantastic Fore; Joe, Ben, Ed and Matt. We discuss the nuances of amateur golf and package it into a relatable chunk of content (hopefully) for other amateur golfers alike. Discussing topics including golfing bucket lists to the places we've played and round reviews, this podcast is for the every day golfer no matter where you are in the world.


E.12 The Golf Social
Show Details48min
E.11 The Masters Special
Show Details16min 18s
E.10 Should Hoodies be allowed in Golf?
Show Details24min 14s
E.9 Winter Golf
Show Details26min 13s
E.8 PGA Life 365 Interview (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 5min
E.7 PGA Life 365 Interview (Part 1)
Show Details33min 14s
E.6 ASSL Golf Interview (Part 2)
Show Details32min 49s
E.5 ASSL Golf Interview (Part 1)
Show Details27min 59s
E.4 Our first Golf Holiday
Show Details24min 6s
E.3 Golfing Bucket List (Part 1)
Show Details31min 13s
E.2 Golf in Shropshire, England
Show Details37min 19s
E.1 What are The Missing Links?
Show Details33min 59s