Nobody Listens To Shawn | Depression & Group Issues

Season 2 | Episode 31
1h 1m | Apr 26, 2021

HERE WE GO AGAIN!! Broke Boyz back with another episode and this one hit a little different. We started off on a high note talking about the group, our future, and how excited we are for things to come. Then the conversation turned to Veezy and his revelation that he was dealing with depression most of last year and the rest of the group knew but didn't say anything! Well, supposedly Shawn did but as you might have guessed, Nobody listens to Shawn!



The Mindset is a web-based talk show hosted by four black men from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Whether it's crying during sex,  anxiety, and depression, entrepreneurship, or how to be a successful side piece, We're gonna have something to say and we're gonna have a good ass time doing it.

Our goal with this show is to have these conversations that are usually taboo, especially for men of color, and begin normalizing them in a very Broke Boy way lol

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