Rock Yo S*** ✊🏾🚀| Card Game & Sex Positivity

Season 2 | Episode 30
54m | Apr 19, 2021

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Broke Boyz back with another episode and this time we're playing another card game. We really love playing games for the most part..*cough* Shawn *cough* lol The game for this week is called WTF and that's a pretty accurate description. We're gonna call this the Sex Positivity episode because somehow the game leads to conversations about sand mouth & beachhead, a story about Pop Rocks and the importance of having a good relationship with yourself... not in those words tho lmao Come listen while we play, argue, and discuss these questions that really make you say WTF?!? Also something about Cock A Snooks and Cock A Hoops? If anybody knew what that was before googling it ill cash app you


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