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The Mind-Warper Special

Audio book narrated by a male synthesized voice. New episodes every Sunday . . .

Side effects of a supernatural parasite may include the following: dry mouth, fatigue, auditory hallucinations, and the awakening of dormant magical powers likely to attract negative attention from the local secret society.

Charlie Allison is a positive guy—and ambitious. At just twenty-two, he owns his own tour-guide business and his own bus, which he’s exceedingly proud of. He spends his workdays driving tourists around the Pacific Northwest, catering, as of late, to a growing customer base: people with an uncanny interest in an old regional flood. Though Charlie doesn’t understand it, he also doesn’t like to look gift horses in the mouth . . . .

That is until one of them forces him to eat a cheese danish at gunpoint, and he wakes up a day later in a hotel room with a mysterious, crying woman. When they try to go their separate ways, they both experience excruciating pain, which means, according to the strange woman, that they are “bonded” by magic. To break the bond, they must work together to find the antidote.

But in their search, they soon discover that the havoc unleashed on their lives by their new condition is nothing compared to what the kidnappers have planned next.


Chapter 10
Show Details22min 22s
Chapter 9
Show Details20min 17s
Chapter 8
Show Details13min 41s
Chapter 7
Show Details12min 26s
Chapter 6
Show Details19min 51s
Chapter 5
Show Details8min 15s
Chapter 4
Show Details24min 55s
Chapter 3
Show Details18min 39s
Chapter 2
Show Details34min 17s
Chapter 1
Show Details26min 15s