#404: Unlocking The Power of Emotional Intelligence to Create Your Best Life w. Heather Chauvin

31m | Nov 6, 2023

On this week's episode, Heather Chauvin, author and host of the Emotionally Uncomfortable podcast, shares her insights on reverse engineering how you want to feel, highlighting the importance of healing, evolution, and emotional intelligence. Over the past decade, Heather's life story has served as a testament to the incredible power of personal transformation. It all began with a life-altering cancer diagnosis, which set her on a path of profound self-discovery. 

Heather also emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries, both professionally and personally, as a crucial step in preventing burnout. If you're prepared to embrace emotional intelligence, conquer burnout, and explore the depths of your personal growth, this episode with Heather Chauvin is a must-listen.


- Heather's incredible decade-long journey of personal transformation, exploring the pivotal moments and experiences that reshaped her life.

- Receiving a life-changing cancer diagnosis and how it served as the catalyst for Heather’s remarkable transformation.

- Insights into the concept of reverse engineering one's emotional state and learn how it played a pivotal role in Heather's healing and personal growth.

- The significance of emotional intelligence, highlighting how it can lead to profound personal change. Although many challenges that are perceived as "hard" are often emotionally uncomfortable, Heather offers strategies to navigate these emotions effectively.

- Establishing both professional and personal boundaries as a critical step in preventing burnout. 

- Discover the practical wisdom that Heather has gained on her journey, focusing on the emotional and mental aspects of personal growth and evolution.

- Reflecting on the holistic approach to healing and recognizing the importance of addressing not just the physical body but also the underlying emotions and beliefs that shape our lives.

- Transitioning from a rebel to conforming to societal expectations, especially regarding motherhood and the identity shift that accompanied it.

- Strategies to thrive without experiencing burnout and the significance of emotional resilience and self-awareness in maintaining a fulfilling and thriving life.

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