#387: Personal Q+A | Living Situation, New Puppy, Relationships, Investors, Business + The Wedding

19m | Aug 21, 2023

In today's solo episode, Mimi delves into your most-asked questions from her Instagram Q+A. She talks about her new English Cocker Spaniel puppy, Olive, and addresses whether she has brought on any investors for her business. Mimi also shares updates on her current living situation and future plans, including her upcoming wedding. In addition, she provides relationship advice and tips for hiring the right employees.

Questions Answered:

How's puppy life going?

How do you manage all the things as a working dog mom?

Is your fiancé into self-growth / meditating/ journaling too?

Did you get investors to fund your business?

Tips for hiring the right people?

What was your first ever job?

What would younger Mimi be most proud of you for?

What is one of your daily health hacks that you stay consistent with?

Wedding updates? Where / when is it happening?

Are you moving back to The Bahamas?

How do you know if a relationship is over?

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