#401: Does Energy Healing and Manifestation Really Work? Expert + Celebrity Healer Oliver Nino Shares All

48m | Oct 23, 2023

Oliver Nino shares his extraordinary journey of transformation, transitioning from the corporate world to becoming a revered energy healer and spiritual activator. What began as a pursuit of self-improvement, Oliver shares all about the world of remote energy work, unveiling the natural ability many of us possess: the power to sense energy.

Delve into the importance of distinguishing which emotions genuinely belong to us and discover how self-care becomes a vital tool for processing and differentiating external energies. Oliver discusses the universal nature of energy healing, transcending religious boundaries, and uncovering just how accessible and transformative it can be. This episode challenges common misconceptions, offering a fresh perspective on the captivating world of energy healing.


- The transformation from the business world to becoming an energy healer.

- Understanding that energy work goes beyond traditional healing practices.

- Addressing life's blocks and how energy work can help tackle unseen issues affecting various aspects of our lives.

- Oliver's personal success story in the realm of abundance through energy work.

- The natural ability we all possess to sense energy and its impact on our lives.

- Exploring how some individuals sense energy through the third eye and how it influences emotions and power centers.

- Discussing the challenge of external energies influencing our emotional state.

- The importance of self-care in processing and differentiating external energies.

- Powerful anecdotes of healing experiences and how energy profoundly influences our beliefs and lives.

- The role of self-talk in energy healing and personal transformation, and the connection between energy work and one's life purpose.

- Challenging and dispelling common misconceptions about energy healing.

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