Freedom Fest: Stephan Kent On Star Wars

18m | Jul 27, 2021

Stephen Kent served as Young Voices’ Spokesperson and PR Manager from 2017-2021. He now is a standing consultant to the PR operation, handling media training and overseeing TV/radio booking for Young Voices’ network of contributors. He also serves as a consultant for District Media Group and is working on a book for Hachette’s Center Street imprint. Stephen is the host of the YouTube show “Right Now,” part of a new network called Rightly,

Stephen hosts the Beltway Banthas Podcast and contributes entertainment commentary to the Washington Examiner, The Glenn Beck Program, Kennedy on Fox Business and WUSA Channel 9 in Washington D.C.

He is also working on a new book called "HOW THE FORCE CAN FIX THE WORLD: Lessons on Life, Liberty & Happiness from a Galaxy Far, Far Away"

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