E3 - Nukes, Fusion, & ChatGPT

55m | Jan 1, 2023

Nukes, Fusion, and ChatGPT

Mike Benitez is back with Jake Chapman (@VC), and Tim Nolan (@natsectim) to discuss Russian nukes in the news, a breakthrough in fusion, TikTok, and all things ChatGPT. Tim cheats on a pop quiz in real time, Mike discovers Jake’s secret past, and Jake opines on the value of a future PutinGPT.



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Show Notes

(00:30) Intro

(1:24) Russia nuke news

(3:23) details don’t matter

(9:00) we finally read the article

(11:34) missile sponge

(14:18) pop quiz

(15:03) Tim explains fission

(16:55) Tim share’s his secret

(17:46) The best segway

(18:26) fusion in the news

(26:38) the next best segway

(28:32) Mike share’s his secret

(29:23) ChatGPT

(37:15) PutinGPT

(41:10) ChatGPT comments

(42:06) TikTok

(45:36) Jake’s TikTok spicy take

(49:02) You were a lawyer?!

(51:00) How to ban tiktok?

(53:32) ChatGPT writes the outro

The Merge