E1 - A Star is Born!

51m | Nov 23, 2022

Episode 1: A Star is Born! After too many excuses, the Merge newsletter’s Mike Benitez launches the inaugural Merge podcast! Co-hosting duties are shared with Jake Chapman (@VC) and Tim Nolan (@NatSecTim). In this episode, we talk about 3 things the newsletter has never covered in its 2-year existence: venture capital, TikTok, and American Dynamism.

Show Notes:

(00:30) – the world’s most okayist defense podcast

(1:02) – Co-host intros

(3:58) – What is venture capital

(20:49) – Jake and the Army Venture Capital Corporation

(26:20 ) – TikTok and national security

(39:16) – WTH is ‘American Dynamisn’

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