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The Merge

The Merge explores fascinating military aviation stories in a serialized method, telling a single story over multiple episodes of a given season. Featuring the men and women who were there, in the cockpit, The Merge takes the listener deeper, exploring the decisions and unfolding events as they happened.

The Merge is a product of BVR Productions.


After The Merge, Season 1
Show Details28min 7s
The Merge 1-6: Suge
Show Details35min 42s
The Merge 1-5: Swiss Cheese
Show Details45min 13s
The Merge 1-4: Wingman
Show Details32min 12s
The Merge 1-3: Impact
Show Details48min 49s
The Merge 1-2: Fallon
Show Details26min 4s
The Merge 1-1: Naval Aviation
Show Details18min 11s
The Merge Season 1 Trailer
Show Details2min 54s