Eric Schumacher on the gift of weakness.

Episode 66
47m | May 29, 2024

Wait. Is weakness a good thing?

Eric Shoemaker and I delve into weakness and vulnerability in this deeply personal conversation. We share our experiences and reflections, recounting moments when we felt weak and vulnerable and how we found strength in Christ. We explore the origins of weakness in the Garden of Eden and the consequences of sin, drawing parallels to our own lives. We also discuss the reality of death and the need for God's strength, sharing how we have personally experienced His strength in times of loss. This conversation is a testament to the importance of embracing weakness and finding strength in Christ, as we have seen it transform our lives. It underscores the biblical perspective on weakness and the transformative power of relying on God's strength. Eric Schumacher, in particular, shares how Jesus' display of weakness on the cross was a moment of great strength, demonstrating his victory over sin, Satan, and death. He emphasizes that through faith in Jesus, believers can find strength and security, not in their abilities or the approval of others, but in their union with Christ.

Highlights and takeaways from the conversation:

  • Weakness is inherent to human nature and is not a result of sin alone.
  • Recognizing and embracing our weaknesses allows us to experience God's strength.
  • God often works through the weakest and most vulnerable individuals to display His power.
  • Boasting in our weakness and trusting in Christ's power is a means of survival and a pathway to a life of dependence on God. 
  • Weakness is not something to be feared but rather a gift that allows us to experience the transformative power of relying on God's strength. This realization can inspire us to live a life of faith and trust in Him, encouraging us to embrace our vulnerabilities and see them as opportunities for growth.
  • Jesus' display of weakness on the cross was a powerful act that defeated sin, Satan, and death.
  • Through faith in Jesus, we are united with Him in his life, death, resurrection, and future.
  • Our identity and security come from our union with Christ, not from the approval of others. This truth should reassure us and ground us in our faith, reminding us that our worth and security are not dependent on human validation.

Did you know that Eric's last name is pronounced 'shoemaker?' It's important to understand this little fun fact so that it won't be weird if you meet. Find out everything else you want to know about Eric on his website, Want to connect with him? Check out his daily updates on X, Facebook, and Instagram. If you like this conversation (or even if you don't, because, let's be honest, vulnerability can be a scary subject), buy his new book, The Gift of Weakness.

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