Christa Hardin on the Enneagram and relationships.

Episode 65
48m | May 22, 2024

Are you familiar with the Enneagram?

There are lots of opinions on it: some positive and some negative. In this episode, we are privileged to have Christa Harden, a relationship coach, podcast host, and author of the new book The Enneagram in Marriage: your Guide to Thriving Together in Your Unique Pairing, join us. Christa's journey with the Enneagram and how it revolutionized her marriage is truly inspiring. She also addresses criticisms of the Enneagram, highlighting its transformative power as a tool for self-reflection and understanding rather than a means of labeling or judging others. Together, we emphasize the importance of fostering healthy relationships and finding safe people to support our growth and healing as we navigate our unique journeys.

Highlights and takeaways from the conversation:

  • The Enneagram is not just a theoretical concept but a practical tool that can significantly enhance our self-awareness and understanding of our behaviors and motivations.
  • Understanding our Enneagram number can aid in personal growth and compassion for others.
  • We should refrain from using the Enneagram to label or judge others and instead use it as a tool for self-reflection and understanding.
  • Recognizing our shadow pieces and unhealthy states allows us to make conscious choices and work towards growth and healthier behaviors.
  • Building healthy relationships requires finding safe people to support our growth and healing.
  • Setting boundaries is essential for maintaining healthy relationships and protecting ourselves.
  • Soul friends are those rare individuals who can truly see and accept us, flaws and all. They love us unconditionally, providing a safe space to grow and heal. 
  • Navigating differences and tribalism requires staying connected and showing love to those with different viewpoints.
  • Using the Enneagram can provide valuable insights into ourselves and our interactions with others.

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