Gary Harpst on leading through chaos.

Episode 61
31m | Apr 24, 2024

How do we grow as leaders?

In this conversation, seasoned CEO and New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author Gary Harpst shares his experiences and insights on leadership, faith, and the power of relationships. He discusses the challenges of facing reality and making tough decisions, emphasizing the importance of perspective and learning from failures. Harpst highlights the role of faith and trust in leadership, stressing the need to define purpose and lead oneself before leading others. He also explores the power of relationships and the significance of embracing imperfection and dealing with failure. Harpst brings us back to the Gospel by discussing the supernatural love of God and its impact on leadership. If you are a leader, this episode is for you.

Highlights and takeaways from the conversation:

  • Facing reality and making tough decisions is a crucial aspect of leadership.
  • Perspective and lessons learned from failures can shape personal growth and leadership effectiveness.
  • Faith and trust play a significant role in leadership, especially during challenging times.
  • Defining purpose is essential for effective leadership, both in leading oneself and others.
  • Building strong relationships and demonstrating love are key components of successful leadership.
  • Embracing imperfection and learning from failure are essential for personal and leadership growth.
  • Living out faith in leadership involves making decisions that align with one's values and beliefs.
  • The supernatural love of God has a transformative impact on leadership and relationships.

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