The Megs Podcast

Megan Coleman and Meg Reavis are learning to squeeze the good out of today. These sisters-in-law know what it’s like when life is overwhelming, stressful and even a little sour. But their honest and funny conversations will encourage you to focus on the good and find laughter in your day. At the end of every episode, The Megs also share one thing they’re each loving right now. Maybe it’ll make your life a little easier or brighten your day too. It’s time to squeeze the good!

New episodes release on Tuesdays. Every now and then, The Megs feel extra chatty and add #themegsminis episode.


Mini: What's your hidden talent?
Show Details6min 15s
12. What made us ugly cry, funk moods and self care ideas
Show Details46min 26s
11. Valentine’s Day gifts ideas, couples intimacy app and learning your love language
Show Details40min 40s
10. Touchdowns and Trivia: Everything you need to know for the Super Bowl party
Show Details44min 42s
9. Spray tan gone wrong, binge watching shows and how to deal with stress eating
Show Details43min 22s
8. Jeanette Opheim: Heartache of miscarriage, joy of adoption and pregnancy, chasing dreams
Show Details53min 18s
7. Full moons, good neighbors and a twist on New Year’s Resolutions
Show Details46min 37s
6. Meet The Spouses
Show Details48min 9s
5. The good, the bad, the funny from 2020
Show Details33min 43s
Mini: What's the last app you downloaded on your phone?
Show Details5min 21s
4. Mary Ellen Phipps: How to bring joy back to your kitchen
Show Details45min 46s
3. The story of loss, grieving in the holidays and ways to love the hurting
Show Details48min 51s
1. Our top 12 Christmas gifts and a white elephant party gone wrong
Show Details28min 58s
2. Bad Santa, Christmas lights scavenger hunt and other holiday traditions
Show Details35min 53s
Meet The Megs
Show Details14min 56s