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The Max Jancar Show

Hi, I'm Max. And this is my breakup advice podcast — The Max Jancar Show. In it, I narrate my blog articles, answer your questions, and provide honest feedback and guidance. If you want to recover from a breakup, get back with your ex, or both, you'll love to tune in. Or you might not, who knows. Give an episode or two a listen and decide for yourself.

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A Realist’s Guide To Finding A Life Purpose
Show Details8min 58s
48 Steps To Survive Even The Worst Breakups
Show Details11min 27s
The Guide To Healthy Post-Breakup Habits That Stick
Show Details13min 31s
Going No Contact With A Fearful-Avoidant
Show Details9min 37s
Making It Work After Getting A Cheating Ex Back
Show Details21min 39s
3 Fundamentals Of Being Irresistibly Attractive
Show Details7min 54s
18 Post-Breakup Mistakes That Won’t Get Your Ex Back
Show Details18min 27s
18 Reasons Why People Break Up
Show Details24min 27s
The Startling Bullshit Of The 5 Love Languages
Show Details7min 23s
10 Life Lessons From A Heartbroken FuckBoy
Show Details12min 22s
How A Rebound Relationship Can Save Your Life
Show Details8min 12s
7 Ways To Feel Happy After A Breakup
Show Details13min 51s
6 Ways To Stop Feeling Lonely After A Breakup
Show Details16min 13s
Your Ex Is Not Special (No One Is)
Show Details8min 40s
Change Your Mind About Getting Your Ex Back
Show Details21min 29s
Where Do You Get Your Validation?
Show Details13min 6s
How To Never Get Over A Breakup
Show Details10min 2s
Let Go Of Your Ex To Get Them Back
Show Details7min 5s
Finding Hope After Heartbreak
Show Details7min 1s
Fuck Indifference (Re-attract Your Ex With This Instead)
Show Details7min 1s
How To Find Yourself After A Breakup
Show Details17min 13s
Can You Be Friends With Your Ex? (The Dos And Don’ts)
Show Details15min 30s
The Inferiority Gap
Show Details7min 2s
5 Breakup Fallacies That Subtly Screw You Over
Show Details9min 11s
Everything Happens For A Reason, My Ass
Show Details7min 45s
Why Do Breakups Hurt (Even When You Wanted It)
Show Details14min 7s
Understanding And Managing Neediness
Show Details12min 2s
The Stages And Psychology Of Dumpers Remorse
Show Details20min 37s
Power In Vulnerability
Show Details15min 11s
On Taking Responsibility For Your Breakup
Show Details9min 5s
My Ex Is Ignoring Me And It Bloody Hurts
Show Details17min 10s
I Still Love My Ex (Why And How To Deal With It)
Show Details14min
I Miss My Ex (Why And How To Stop)
Show Details20min 2s
I Dream About My Ex Every Night (Why And How To Stop)
Show Details16min 34s
How To Stop Feeling Worthless After A Breakup
Show Details7min 11s
How To Love Yourself After A Breakup
Show Details17min 17s
How To Identify A Toxic Relationship
Show Details17min 7s
How To Identify A Healthy Relationship
Show Details10min 8s
How To Get Revenge On Your Ex And, Ugh… Ruin Their Life?
Show Details19min 58s
Attachment Theory Explained
Show Details14min 52s
Are You And Your Ex Actually Compatible?
Show Details12min 19s
8 Ways To Overcome Anger After A Breakup
Show Details20min 47s
6 Solutions For When You Can’t Sleep After A Breakup
Show Details14min 32s
6 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You And What To Do About It
Show Details18min 12s
6 Healthy Relationship Quirks Most People Think Are Toxic
Show Details11min 31s
5 Reasons Your Ex Is Hot And Cold (And How To Deal With It)
Show Details16min 42s
4 Reasons Why Going Back To Your Ex Is A Terrible Idea
Show Details12min 17s
You Can't Make Your Ex Change
Show Details7min 38s
“Be Yourself” Is Terrible Advice
Show Details6min 38s
5 Myths About Emotions (And What To Believe Instead)
Show Details7min 44s
8 Stages Of A Breakup And How To Navigate Them
Show Details25min 47s
How “Fake It Until You Make It” Can Backfire
Show Details4min 59s
How To Rebuild (Or Build) Self-Esteem After A Breakup
Show Details15min 42s
My First Taste Of Maturity
Show Details7min 16s
No, Your Ex’s Attraction Isn’t “Blocked”
Show Details7min 23s
Radical Acceptance In The Face Of Adversity
Show Details8min 48s
Re-Attraction Placebos
Show Details8min 2s
Sexual Polarity Is Misunderstood And Overrated
Show Details7min 30s
Why Does My Ex Still Want To Sleep With Me?
Show Details13min 11s
Your Ex Doesn’t Speak Some Alien Gender-Based Language
Show Details5min 11s
On Gratitude And Death
Show Details5min 55s
How To Forget Your Ex (A 10-Step Action Plan)
Show Details28min 42s
Fuck The Signs Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship
Show Details10min 21s
The Social Media Detox
Show Details13min 39s
20 Best Books To Read After A Breakup (And Some To Avoid)
Show Details27min 53s
How To Handle Your Ex Blocking You On Everything
Show Details14min 26s
Look At What Your Ex Does (Not What They Say Or Mean)
Show Details10min 58s
How To Grow From Your Breakup Pain
Show Details19min 19s
How To Deal With Uncertainty After A Breakup
Show Details8min 19s
How To Deal With Jealousy After A Breakup
Show Details10min 33s
How To Overcome Anxiety After A Breakup
Show Details16min 15s
Should I Text My Ex Happy Birthday?
Show Details8min 19s
The Guide To Setting Healthy Boundaries With Your Ex
Show Details17min 47s
Top 16 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You
Show Details14min 29s
Your Ex Is Not Your Therapist
Show Details4min 17s
Do You Have The Right Attitude?
Show Details6min 9s
Covert Contracts: The Subtle Saboteurs Of Love
Show Details6min 34s
Cheerful Nihilism
Show Details8min 9s
5 Stages Of Getting Back Together With An Ex
Show Details13min 37s
16 Striking Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back
Show Details13min 15s
The Holy Trinity Of Breakup Recovery
Show Details10min 57s
How To Be Insanely Productive Despite A Breakup
Show Details17min 28s
Decomplicating Ex-Back Advice
Show Details11min 47s
Does My Ex Miss Me? (Hint: Yes, But It’s Not Like It Matters)
Show Details11min 34s
Don’t Take The Stages Of Anything Too Seriously
Show Details4min 48s
The Art Of Polarization
Show Details7min 54s
Should I Contact My Ex Who Dumped Me? (Spoiler: Hell No)
Show Details11min 34s
Why Is My Ex Checking Up On Me? (And How To Proceed)
Show Details12min 17s
32 Glaring Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back
Show Details24min 9s
8 Types Of Breakups (And How To Navigate Each One)
Show Details23min 11s
6 Harsh Truths No One Tells You About Getting An Ex Back
Show Details7min 13s
5 Stages Of A Rebound Relationship (And 3 Truth Bombs)
Show Details14min 3s
Why Your Ex Moved On Quickly And How To Respond
Show Details11min 39s
Time Is Key When Getting Your Ex Back
Show Details3min 31s
15 Biases That Make You Overestimate Your Ex’s Attraction
Show Details10min 29s
The Phantom Ex And The Soulmate
Show Details7min 53s
The Staggering Bullshit Of The “Get Your Ex Back” Gurus
Show Details25min 24s
The Law Of F*ck Yes Or No
Show Details6min 43s
How To Risk Rejection And Admit Uncomfortable Truths
Show Details5min 33s
5 Things About Love You Probably Don’t Know But Should
Show Details11min 7s
Why I Encourage Getting Sexual With An Ex Quickly
Show Details6min 34s
The Ultimate Guide To The No Contact Rule
Show Details41min 8s
How To Get Over Your Ex: 30 No-B*llshit Tips
Show Details26min 54s
Should I Text My Ex? 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t
Show Details10min 24s
How To Get Your Ex Back And Actually Keep Them
Show Details53min 19s
18 Biggest Ex-Back Lessons I’ve Learned In Five Years
Show Details9min 28s
A Marvellous Misadventure Of The Worlds Biggest Simp
Show Details6min 9s
They Just Don't F*cking Like You
Show Details6min 3s
The Backwards Law
Show Details6min 37s
When Not To Use The No Contact Rule
Show Details3min 41s
What Exactly Is No Contact
Show Details6min 29s
What To Do When Ex Breaks No Contact and Reaches Out
Show Details7min 34s
What If My Ex Is Using No Contact Too
Show Details4min 19s
Male Vs. Female Psychology During The No Contact Rule
Show Details4min 12s
Does No Contact Help Your Ex Heal
Show Details2min 36s
How Long Should No Contact Last
Show Details7min 33s
When Does No Contact Start Working And How
Show Details9min 59s
The Psychology Of The No Contact Rule (On Dumper Or Ex)
Show Details8min 7s