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The Matt Baxter Show

The Matt Baxter Show, hosted by Founder and CEO of Wedge, is dedicated to people finding their purpose. We'll be having conversations spanning all sorts of purpose related topics with people who absolutely love what they do every single day.


Archelle Georgiou - CHO Starkey Hearing Tech
Show Details29min 59s
Thomas Smale - CEO of FE International
Show Details33min 22s
Ryan Hartman - President & CEO of Worldview
Show Details50min 47s
Rob Bell - Coach, Speaker, Author
Show Details32min 21s
Paul Kirch - BOSS Academy founder
Show Details37min 12s
Frank Agin - Networking Expert, Author
Show Details37min 54s
Priya Vijayakumar - CEO of WattIQ
Show Details26min 26s
James Reid - Employment Attorney
Show Details31min 39s
Phil Nadel - Serial Entrepreneur
Show Details44min 26s
Andy Atkins - CEO & Creative
Show Details37min 32s
Alain Hunkins
Show Details38min 33s
Jon Stross - President and CoFounder of Greenhouse Software
Show Details36min 1s
Scott D'Amico - President at Communispond
Show Details31min 47s
Henry Schuck - CEO and Founder of ZoomInfo
Show Details53min 46s
Andreas Deptolla - CEO of Thrivepass
Show Details32min 27s
Michael Marsiglia - Co-CEO of Atomic Object
Show Details49min 18s
Jeannette Cota - Dance Moms, Dancing, and more!
Show Details29min 23s
Len Shapiro - Sports Columnist at the Washington Post
Show Details57min 39s
Jared Hummel - President of Parqa Digital Marketing
Show Details38min 10s
Jeff Ellman - Co-Founder of Hireology and UrbanBound
Show Details32min 20s
Juli Wenger - Entrepreneur Coach
Show Details1hr 16min
Steve Lowisz - Forbes contributor, TEDx Speaker, CEO
Show Details30min 42s
Ben Christensen - CoFounder of Handshake
Show Details46min 32s
Corey Berkey - VP & HR at JazzHR
Show Details34min 32s
Jonathan de Potter - Founder of Behold Retreats, Reformed Strategy Consultant
Show Details1hr 19min
Dave Berkus - Angel Investor, President of Berkus Tech Ventures
Show Details47min 46s
Seve Mangrum - Holistic Lifestyle Guide
Show Details41min 42s
Steve Cadigan - LinkedIn's First Chief HR Officer, Board Member & Teacher
Show Details1hr 8min
Markus Kasunich - Holistic Business, Life, and Consciousness Coach
Show Details55min 58s
Alexandra Fasulo - Freelance Fairy
Show Details31min 10s
Jeff Nemeth - Former CEO of Ford Taiwan & S. Africa, Executive Director of Ford Global Ownership Lifecycle
Show Details52min 51s
Melissa Dobbins - Founder & CEO of
Show Details33min 50s
Jake Rudin - Partner at Out of Architecture & Sr. Manager at Adidas
Show Details55min 50s
Dustin Wegner - Start-up Advisor & Business Consultant
Show Details36min 10s
Jon Bostock - Co-Founder and CEO of Truman's
Show Details35min 47s
Joshua Siler - Founder & CEO of HiringThing
Show Details35min 1s
Nja Onê - Professional Internationally known Artist, Muralist, Sculptor, Designer, Performer, Playwright, Writer, Art Educator and Therapist
Show Details57min 11s
Joe Altieri - Flexible Window Screen Inventor, Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcast Host, Blogger
Show Details40min 54s
Patti Temple Rocks - Founder of Temple Rocks Consulting & Author
Show Details45min 11s
Dan Shinder - Founder of Advanced Social Marketing
Show Details55min 25s
Tammy Jackson - Founder of Third Avenue Inc.
Show Details39min 37s
Katara McCarty - CEO & Founder of Exhale
Show Details45min 27s
Jackie Hermes - Founder & CEO of Accelity
Show Details36min 15s
Todd McCullough - Founder of Tmac Fitness
Show Details42min 4s
Jeff Lobdell - Owner at Resturaunts Partner Management LLC
Show Details39min 54s
Mike Lee - Former Pro Boxer and Co-Founder of MySoulCBD
Show Details42min 29s
Bennie Fowler - Executive Coach and NFL Wide Reciever
Show Details37min 23s
Raj Sheth - CEO of FlyData Inc, Founder of Decalab, and so much more!
Show Details39min 5s
Chris Heileman - CEO of Uccello's Resturaunt Group
Show Details34min 37s
Chloë Drimal - Founder and CEO of The Yoni Circle
Show Details49min 1s
Dina Marto - Founder of C&D I The Agency
Show Details44min 15s
Robin Daniels - Chief Marketing Officer of Matterport
Show Details1hr 4min
Scott Patchin - President of The trU Group
Show Details45min 2s
Rocki Howard - Chief Diversity Officer at SmartRecruiters
Show Details52min 40s
Chloe Maleski - CEO & Founder at Growithclo
Show Details44min 57s
Glenn Marsden - Founder of Imperfectly Perfect
Show Details45min 58s
CEO and Founder of Lever
Show Details49min 22s
Entreprenuership, investing, technology, and Rachel Lyubovitzky
Show Details27min 50s
Sprint Recruiting and Smack Talking with Trent Cotton
Show Details54min 17s
Faith & Entrepreneurship with Josh Owen & Seth Barnes
Show Details50min 43s
Lisa Levy - Founder and CEO of LCubed Consulting
Show Details33min 24s
“Fueling Start Ups” with Avelo Roy
Show Details40min 1s
Lauren Schwab, Founder of Lifestyle Upgrade Coaching Course
Show Details51min 55s
Building Businesses to Build Communities with Mike Otis
Show Details24min 54s
Chad without the Cheese with Chad Sowash
Show Details47min 38s
The State of the Small Business with Tim Pratte and Pete Lamson
Show Details54min 43s
Being a Positive Person with Robert Mack
Show Details56min 17s
Standup Amid a Pandemic with Maz Jobrani
Show Details53min 42s
Exporting Leadership with Rodger Price
Show Details38min 22s
A Fellow Video Interviewing Entrepreneur with Theo Rokos
Show Details34min 20s
Win at Home First with Cory Carlson
Show Details33min 56s
What's in a Brand with Mary Maloney
Show Details36min 5s
Failing Before you Succeed with Peter Ruppert
Show Details23min 57s
How to Build a Skyscraper with Jeff Royce
Show Details37min 37s
Sharing Your Voice and Your Story with Brian Schulman
Show Details1hr 8min
Remote Work Before it was Cool with Chris Dyer
Show Details31min 56s
Restoring Humanity to the Workplace with Anna Oakes
Show Details40min 33s
My Life Story with Navid Negahban
Show Details1hr 24min
A Discussion on Race in our Society and Workplace
Show Details1hr 47min
Look out the Window to See What's Going on with Ron Baker
Show Details46min 52s
Life as we Know it with Tom Goodwin
Show Details50min 1s
Brain Training with Nick Bolhuis
Show Details32min 24s
Ministry in a Time of Crisis with Dr. Nathan Hart
Show Details33min 54s
When you have Always Known you Want to be a Doctor with Dr. Dan Refai
Show Details35min 7s
Finding a Job you will Love with Rachel Serwetz
Show Details37min 59s
The Future of Mobility with Henrik Fisker
Show Details42min 28s
Talking Electric Vehicles with Roger Atkins
Show Details26min 38s
Ease Work Stress with Dr. Marcus Fila
Show Details1hr 2min
Jobs for Lebanon
Show Details43min 54s
Round 2 with Ryan Kohler
Show Details33min 20s
Connecting People to Jobs at Scale with Jerome Ternynck
Show Details41min 29s
Faith, Passion, Service, & Sacrifice with Steve Cramer
Show Details37min 46s
On Empathy with Tim Sackett
Show Details28min 40s
An Off the Wall Conversation with Steve Van Doren & Bill Curtis
Show Details56min 18s
Businesses are Everywhere if you Look Hard Enough with Ryan Blair
Show Details45min 25s
The Barefoot Spirit with Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey
Show Details43min 48s
The State of the World with Dr. Darria Long Gillespie
Show Details48min 29s
Reflections on a Crisis with Ryan Millsap and Arran Stewart
Show Details53min 33s
Culture Hacking with Daniella Mestyanek Young - Culture is What Happens Between the Spaces
Show Details30min 44s
Never admitting failure with Dwight Carlson
Show Details31min 36s
Candidate Chatter with Devin Thorpe
Show Details28min 23s
Grant Me Hope with Helen Zeerip
Show Details30min 1s
The Minimalist with Sahil Vaidya
Show Details32min 43s
Always moving forward with Chris Kann
Show Details39min 36s
Making Workplaces more Human with Matt Burns
Show Details46min 24s
Connection Conduit with Adam Posner
Show Details17min 57s
From Cult to Culture with Daniella Young
Show Details55min 31s
Unrestrained with William Tincup
Show Details50min 54s
Creating a More Likeable World with Dave Kerpen
Show Details26min 49s
The Matt Baxter Show - Introduction
Show Details3min 16s
Ep. 58 - Startup Coaching with Jeff Riddle
Show Details40min 2s
Ep. 57 - Standing out to Job Seekers with Ryan Kohler
Show Details41min 3s
Ep. 56 - Giving People a Shot at Success with Brian Calley
Show Details35min 11s
Ep. 55 - Overcoming Adversity with Chris Norton
Show Details31min 8s
Ep. 54 - Making Meaningful Relationships at Work with Rob Dwortz
Show Details42min
Ep. 53 - The Seventh Level with Amanda Slavin
Show Details55min 19s
Ep. 52 - Boss in Heels with Heather Monahan
Show Details20min 35s
Ep. 51 - Finding Purpose with Ryan Millsap
Show Details59min 18s
Episode 50
Show Details17min
Ep. 49 - Creating Opportunities with Aaron Opalewski
Show Details25min 46s
Ep. 48 - A Man of Faith with Tim Schoonveld
Show Details34min 57s
Ep. 47 - Building a Company with Brian Town
Show Details36min 54s
Ep. 46 - Leveraging your Network to get your Product in the Right Hands with Dr. Matt Dixon
Show Details45min 38s
Ep. 45 - On Entrepreneurship with Don Charlton
Show Details35min 39s
Ep. 44 - The British are Coming with Arran Stewart
Show Details47min 44s
Ep. 43 - Luxurious Living with Daniel Curtis
Show Details33min 19s
Ep. 42 - The only person I know that lives on the Vegas Strip with Lori Silverman
Show Details42min 41s
Ep. 41 - Believing in Yourself with Amobi Okugo
Show Details26min 59s
Ep. 40 - Exploring Life and Purpose with Drew Weatherford
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 39 - The Life of Pablo with Pablo Giacopelli
Show Details51min 2s
Ep. 38 - Getting Personal with Kimberly S. Reed
Show Details58min 45s
Ep. 37 - Exercising Gratitude with Adam Kail
Show Details35min 56s
Ep. 36 - Leadership and Transformation with LV Hanson
Show Details31min 3s
Ep. 35 Bratwurst and a Cold Beer with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
Show Details29min 39s
Ep. 34 - Talking Healthcare with Dr. Roger Jansen
Show Details34min 8s
Ep. 33 - Living to Inspire with Nic Mirabello
Show Details52min 50s
Ep. 32 Cheers to Partnership with Pete Lamson
Show Details35min 4s
Ep. 31 - Talking Talent with Paula Perkins
Show Details20min 9s
Ep. 30 - Take 2 with Karl Schmitt
Show Details1hr 28min
Ep. 29 - The Most Interesting Man on the WedgeCast with Karl Schmitt part 1
Show Details42min 47s
Ep. 28 - Making it on Your Own with Eric Arnold
Show Details29min 39s
Ep. 27 - How to Actually Reach Your Goals with Dr. Peter Boumgarden
Show Details35min 49s
Ep. 26 - Creating Happiness with Jim McCarthy
Show Details43min 12s
Ep. 25 - Challenging Yourself with Enrique Rubio
Show Details31min 32s
Ep. 24 - The 3 Truths of Digital Transformation with Michael Leckie
Show Details41min 48s
Ep. 23 - Building Your Viral Brand with Rick Schirmer
Show Details38min 24s
Ep. 22 - Taking Your Personality to Work with Minal Joshi Jäckli
Show Details38min 1s
Ep. 21 - Competitively Branding Your Culture with Rhonda Merchant
Show Details24min 54s
Ep. 20 - JTBD and Choosing Your Death Date with Bob Moesta
Show Details30min 54s
Ep. 19 - The Ins and Outs of Servant Leadership with Doug Billings
Show Details25min 46s
Ep. 18 - From the Football Field to the Startup Field with Asante Cleveland
Show Details28min 27s
Ep. 17 - Finding Your Passion and Your Purpose with Davin Salvagno
Show Details30min 12s
Ep. 16 - Defining Your Culture by Your Generosity with Paige Robinson
Show Details27min 37s
Ep. 15 - Talking Startups with Ryan Landau
Show Details16min 59s
Ep. 14 - Leadership Training with Doug Conant
Show Details27min 42s
Ep. 13 - Come to West Mi! with Cindy Brown
Show Details25min 2s
Ep. 12 - Power Tools to Power Schools with Shayna Carlson
Show Details20min 34s
Ep. 11 - Full Body, Full Life with Jeff Genova
Show Details33min 34s
Ep. 10 - The Solo Edition
Show Details32min 7s
Ep. 9 - Wade Burgess
Show Details36min 1s
Ep. 8 - Keri McCarthy
Show Details20min 3s
Ep. 7 - Matt Jung
Show Details28min 56s
Ep. 6 - Shannon Burkel
Show Details16min 5s
Ep. 5 - Steve Griffin
Show Details18min 53s
Ep. 4 - Jim D'Amico
Show Details12min 53s
Ep. 3 - Tim Sackett
Show Details11min 40s
Ep. 2 - Holly Ross Tong
Show Details10min 3s
Ep. 1 - Eric Van Duren
Show Details12min 1s