The Marriage "Business" Plan

Kirk & Reesa Wilson are marriage coaches from One Unbreakable Marriage and have proven that every marriage needs a plan to be successful. Exactly what kind of plan do you need? This podcast is the answer! After experiencing a financial collapse that almost resulted in divorce, the Wilsons made a unique discovery. They have unlocked the secret to save any marriage and take any relationship to the next level. They share the very same principles that saved their marriage and provide practical, actionable tools and strategies you can use today to create an unbreakable and passionate marriage. Marriage is serious business and sadly most of us were not taught the skills needed to build a successful marriage. Tune in each week to get the skills and solutions you need to make your marriage EVERYTHING that you want it to be!


002: What Stage Is Your Marriage In?
Show Details25min 3s
001: The #1 Thing Every Marriage Needs
Show Details35min 9s