The Marriage

The Marriage was a short-lived radio series which starred Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. Based on their earlier Broadway play, The Fourposter, the series aired Sunday evenings on NBC at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time from October 4, 1953, through March 28, 1954. The scripts were mostly written by Ernest Kinoy, and the closing theme was "A Star Is Born", by Robert Farnon.


The Marriage 54-03-28 26 Ben Arranges a Date for Emily with Herold
Show Details24min
The Marriage 54-03-21 25 Emily Worships Her Father
Show Details24min 8s
The Marriage 54-03-14 24 Individuality
Show Details24min 15s
The Marriage 54-03-07 23 Filling out Income Tax Forms
Show Details24min 36s
The Marriage 54-02-28 22 Is Liz Pregnant
Show Details23min 35s
The Marriage 54-02-14 20 Bens Law Firm Is Dissolving
Show Details24min 28s
The Marriage 54-02-07 19 Bens Father Comes for a Three Week Visit
Show Details23min 53s
The Marriage 54-01-31 18 Liz Decides to Get a Job
Show Details24min 28s
The Marriage 54-01-24 17 Liz Gets to Know Bobby Logan Emilys Boyfriend
Show Details24min 48s
The Marriage 54-01-17 16 The Grandfather Clock
Show Details24min 35s
The Marriage 54-01-10 15 Ben and Liz Spend the Weekend in Vermont
Show Details24min 29s
The Marriage 54-01-03 14 Liz Paints the Apartment and Ben Meets Judy
Show Details24min 20s
The Marriage 53-12-27 13 Ben and Liz Recall How They First Met
Show Details24min 27s
The Marriage 53-12-20 12 Liz Gets a Christmas Job at the Perfume Counter
Show Details24min 26s
The Marriage 53-12-13 11 Ben Represents Stan in Juvenile Court
Show Details24min 4s
The Marriage 53-12-06 10 Liz Takes up Painting
Show Details24min 8s
The Marriage 53-11-29 09 Emily Pledges Omega Chi
Show Details24min 23s
The Marriage 53-11-22 08 Fred Hertzell Visits from Kansas
Show Details24min 26s
The Marriage 53-11-15 07 Liz Fights for a Traffic Ticket
Show Details25min 37s
The Marriage 53-11-08 06 Bens Shady Client
Show Details24min 44s
The Marriage 53-10-25 04 An Old Friend of Lizs Is in Town
Show Details30min 3s
The Marriage 53-10-18 03 Emilys First Formal
Show Details29min 49s
The Marriage 53-10-04 01 PTA 5th Grade Volunteer
Show Details29min 49s
The Marriage 52-10-24 xx How They Met and Married
Show Details29min 20s