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We make marketing simple to understand for everyone in episodic releases of just under 20 minutes that can help you level up your marketing expertise. Learn about the latest marketing trends, tools and insights on how you can outperform your competitors and achieve your marketing goals.


Ranking with Gray Hat | SEO explained | Google SERP
Show Details12min 14s
Monetising your Podcast | How to
Show Details9min 34s
inPowered | AI driven Marketing Solution
Show Details5min 34s
inPowered | AI driven Marketing Solution
Show Details5min 34s
What 1,400 backlinks have done for my Digital Agency
Show Details8min 59s
How Peloton found success from changing their price & the latest on Digital Marketing
Show Details12min 19s
What do Digital Marketers do ?
Show Details10min 18s
Why your Facebook Ads are not converting & how to fix that
Show Details10min 49s
Fiverr Experience & Tips after 90 days
Show Details10min 30s
How to avoid Black Hat SEO & more on Google webmaster
Show Details9min 34s
Episode 82 : Black Hat SEO, why you should avoid it ?
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 81 : Instagram Reels and Google Ads in 2020
Show Details6min 42s
Episode 80 : Xenia Muntean (CEO, Planable ) Innovating the Marketing Industry
Show Details44min 59s
Episode 79 : Crushing it ! - Book Review - Gary Vaynerchuk
Show Details8min 42s
Episode 78 : 4 ways to Omnichannel & Creating more content
Show Details6min 10s
Episode 77 : Why you need a website
Show Details11min 16s
Episode 76 : Google Search Ranking Algorithm update
Show Details4min 59s
Episode 75 : Using structured data to boost your SEO ( FAQ Schema )
Show Details8min 35s
Episode 74 : Long-tail Keywords vs Short-tail Keywords ( SEO )
Show Details10min 15s
Episode 73 : Multi-level Marketing Scams ( Red Flags )
Show Details20min 4s
Episode 72 : Coca Cola Marketing Case Study ( What you should emulate )
Show Details8min 34s
Episode 71 : Fiverr update + What's next for my Digital Ad Agency
Show Details10min 46s
Episode 70 : 5 ways AI will impact Digital Marketing
Show Details6min 53s
Episode 69 : 3 simple steps to analyse & build high quality backlinks
Show Details7min 29s
Episode 68 : Personal Finance & Mental Health with Susan Gichuru
Show Details36min 38s
Episode 67 : Website SEO Audit Tools under $100
Show Details5min 46s
Episode 66 : Why you should clean your Email list
Show Details7min 10s
Episode 65 : Wordpress or Godaddy ?
Show Details10min 49s
Episode 64 : Tik Tok for your business
Show Details15min 14s
Episode 63 : Beyond SEO with Click Funnels
Show Details6min 6s
Episode 62 : Starting out in Marketing ? Do this first !
Show Details8min 12s
Episode 61 : Why your website isn't generating tons of organic search traffic
Show Details6min 5s
Episode 60 : Advanced SEO guide for your Website
Show Details7min 14s
Episode 59 : Should you start a Podcast in 2020 ?
Show Details8min 52s
Episode 58 : Digital Marketing Trends in 2020
Show Details5min 19s
Episode 57 : User Experience or Consumer Experience ?
Show Details9min 21s
Episode 56 : Getting started on Fiverr as a Creative
Show Details8min 35s
Episode 55 : Working on Fiverr for 30 days
Show Details4min 15s
Episode 54 : Converting your Lead Gens ( SIFTGroupX )
Show Details12min 57s
Episode 53 - Website Morphing for improved UX
Show Details7min 30s
Episode 52 - Marketing Advice I got from Eric Siu ( Founder Single Grain Los Angeles )
Show Details8min 44s
Episode 51 - Webvan Case Study ( Marketing Disaster )
Show Details14min 25s
Episode 50 : Should you simply pay Google & avoid SEO
Show Details8min 59s
Episode 49 - 5 Growth Tools for your business
Show Details9min 37s
Episode 48 - Creating High Quality Backlinks
Show Details8min 20s
Episode 47 - What you should focus on as a product marketer
Show Details15min 2s
Episode 46 - Why CTR is important in Marketing
Show Details9min 55s
Episode 45 - SIFT auf Deutsch - Einführung in die Welt des Marketings
Show Details9min 19s
Episode 44 - Minimum Viable Customer & Product Market Fit
Show Details13min 29s
Episode 43 - Intergrating Google Analytics on Godaddy
Show Details7min 20s
EP 42 - Marketing for SaaS
Show Details17min 29s
EP 41 Hurdles to overcome as a Solo Entrepreneur
Show Details16min 12s
EP 40 - Can business be taught at University & how I topped my class from watching Shark Tank
Show Details21min 30s
EP 39 - Lessons learnt working in a Family Business
Show Details17min 13s
EP 38 Lean Marketing, understanding the concept.
Show Details10min 47s
EP 37 This is Marketing by Seth Godin - Book Review
Show Details20min 29s
EP 36 Traditional Marketing , is it worth your penny ?
Show Details10min 29s
EP 35 Understanding the Consumer Journey & reducing Bounce Rate %
Show Details16min 42s
EP 34 Brand Activation for SMEs
Show Details15min 5s
EP 33 The subtle art of not giving a **** & achieving true identity
Show Details10min 23s
EP 32 Search Engine Optimisation for 2020
Show Details9min 19s
EP 31 Psychology behind the Real Estate Crisis 2007/08
Show Details16min 47s
#30 How Brands make us pay 10x the price
Show Details7min 25s
#29 Get to know me Tag - SIFT 2020 Special
Show Details10min 54s
#28 Cognitive & POS Marketing
Show Details20min 20s
#27 Captivate the Science of Succeeding with People Review
Show Details16min 13s
Episode #26- The Trading Journey Podcast - Naomi Gorta Slight
Show Details30min 18s
Episode #25 - Flick Store Kenya - eCommerce
Show Details16min 55s
Episode #24 - I sold Peanuts - Personal Growth
Show Details21min 40s
Episode #23 : Legal Pythia - Tech Startup - Talk with Jeremy Bormann
Show Details21min 51s
The power of self awareness
Show Details20min 10s
Brand Equity-SIFTGroupX-Our next Project
Show Details6min 16s
Support system and Accountability ( Episode 19 )
Show Details21min 36s
EP 12 Passion trumps over adversity
Show Details23min 28s
EP 11 Trading currencies ? Listen to this first
Show Details15min 25s
EP 10 Saying NO to get tasks done
Show Details15min 46s
EP 9 self awareness in entrepreneurship
Show Details28min 48s
EP 8 Flipping as a Business
Show Details13min 25s
EP 7 Building a Brand
Show Details17min 3s
EP 6 Lean Canvas in Business
Show Details14min 45s
EP 5 Time Value
Show Details10min 48s
EP 2 Fundamental Analysis - FOMC & NFP explained
Show Details16min 32s
EP 4 SIFT Summer Special
Show Details14min 46s
EP 3 Why you should be present
Show Details13min 35s
EP 1 My Trading Journey
Show Details15min 5s