The Marco D'Elia Podcast

I'm Marco D'Elia and this is my personal Blog. I'm an Italian model and I studied Communication Sciences at University while learning foreign languages in High School. I decided to change my life at 18 years old, after quitting my professional swimming career of 12 years, committing to become the best version of myself to become successful. I started learning through books, podcasts, videos, courses, etc. about whatever could help me get in a better position. Now, after having a little bit of success in modeling, representing Italy in the Mister World competition, I'm documenting everything that I know and that I'm still learning to become successful, which for means: being financially free; having a global impact; being able to help as many people as possible; being happy and fulfilled. So here's my journey towards success.


ITALIA in TENDENZA - USA Non Valgono Più La Pena?
Show Details11min 51s
Come avere i CAPELLI Più Mossi/Ricci e Definiti
Show Details8min 59s
Top 12 PROFUMI Da Comprare al Buio
Show Details13min 52s
Attore a Hollywood a 18 Anni, Dieta da Modello, Crescita, Ecc. - Q&A Marco D'Elia
Show Details12min 36s
Personal Brand VS Brand - Cosa Ho Scelto (Marketers Meet Up Verona 2021)
Show Details15min 27s
The Happiest Day Of My Life
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Un Anno di Teatro, Cintura Gialla, Maiorca, Dieta, Ecc. - GIUGNO 2021 Riassunto
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One Year Theatre, Yellow Belt, Mallorca, Diet, Etc. - JUNE 2021 Summary
Show Details10min 53s
Come Trovare Un'Agenzia e Candidarsi (Modelli/Attori)
Show Details10min 58s
First Impression Of New Fragrances 2021
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Meditazione, cos'è, a cosa serve, come si fa?
Show Details13min 16s
Da Disgusto Per Verdure a Vegetariano - Nuova Dieta
Show Details14min 22s
News, Yoga, Crypto, New Products, Etc. - May 2021 Review
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Dizione Italiana - Serve Studiarla e Come?
Show Details10min 7s
Why I Started Investing In Crypto (& How Much I Invested)
Show Details10min 7s
Criptovalute - Aggiornamento Sul Mio Portafogli E Sulla Situazione del Mercato
Show Details17min 39s
Come Diventare Un Attore di Hollywood - Guida Completa
Show Details16min 1s
6 Libri Fondamentali Per Raggiungere La Libertà Finanziaria
Show Details13min 57s
Crypto, First Aid, Growth, Etc. - April 2021 Month Review
Show Details14min 56s
Criptovalute in Cui Ho Iniziato ad Investire
Show Details16min 17s
Tutto Su di Me - Intervistato Da Un Vecchio Amico
Show Details37min 57s
Trying to Go From Vegetables Hater to Vegetarian - Vlog
Show Details13min 21s
48 Days of Isha Kriya and Inner Engineering Done - My Experience
Show Details15min 48s
La Mia Carriera Nello Spettacolo e La Mia Esperienza in TV
Show Details18min 26s
Birthday, Yoga, Easter, Courses, Etc. - March 2021 Month Review
Show Details19min 5s
Metodo Per Alzarsi Presto e Pieni di Energia
Show Details12min 25s
Ask Me Anything #askmarcodelia
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Unusual Self Development Gadgets To Have
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Il Metodo IKIGAI - Scoprire La Propria Ragione di Vita
Show Details17min 22s
Quick Method to Wake Up Faster and Active
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7 Libri Non Convenzionali di Crescita Personale
Show Details14min 39s
I Practiced the Wim Hof Method Daily for One Year - My Experience
Show Details13min 4s
I Started My Spiritual Process - Inner Engineering Yoga Course by Sadhguru
Show Details16min 19s
Perché Fare Yoga e Che Cos'è Veramente
Show Details16min 29s
Why Having Habits and Routines is Bad for You as a Human Being
Show Details14min 50s
New Social Media Strategy for My Content
Show Details21min 57s
Travel Hacking - Consigli Per Viaggiare e Spendere Meno
Show Details14min 21s
COVID Tips That Made Me Recover Faster
Show Details14min 28s
New Strategies, COVID, Yoga, etc. - February 2021 Review
Show Details13min 42s
Cosa Si Dovrebbe Veramente Insegnare a Scuola
Show Details16min 31s
Why I'm Leaving Italy One Day
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ClubHouse, The New Big Deal or Just Another Live Chat Social Network?
Show Details17min 15s
ClubHouse, La Vera Rivoluzione dei Social o Solamente una Live Chat?
Show Details17min 42s
How To Manifest Anything in Your Life – Law Of Attraction?
Show Details19min 16s
How To Attract Girls (Disinterested?)
Show Details9min 25s
7 Daily Habits That Will Make You Unrecognizable
Show Details12min 45s
TikTok: 5 Steps That Got Me To 200k Followers – Podcast
Show Details15min 47s
How To Overcome Fear Of Posting, Negativity, Q&A, and Interview With Aziz – Podcast
Show Details37min 30s
Why Wearing Formal Clothes Can Make You More Successful – Podcast
Show Details11min 20s
My 2021 New Year’s Resolution Plans and Goals – Podcast
Show Details13min 40s
All The Things I Learned and Did in 2020 – Self Development – Podcast
Show Details20min 5s
How I’m Making Money Online 2020 – Podcast
Show Details14min 54s
All The Self-Development Books I’ve Read – Podcast
Show Details16min 10s
5 Activities To Defeat Insecurity and Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Podcast
Show Details8min 1s
I Tried Journaling For 4 Years – Podcast
Show Details9min 47s
10 Daily Habits to Become Unrecognizable – Podcast
Show Details10min 7s
How Am I Growing Now? – Update Vlog October 2020 – Podcast
Show Details12min 18s
Secrets To Sleep Like a King – Podcast
Show Details12min 43s
5 Books That Every Millionaire Has Read – Podcast
Show Details9min 51s
How To Influence, Be Liked, And Persuade Anyone – Podcast
Show Details13min 37s
The 6 Archetypes of Powerful Positioning & Fascinating Content – Podcast
Show Details34min 6s
Q&A #askmarcodelia
Show Details16min 14s
20.000 Subscribers and 100.000 TikTok Followers
Show Details9min 52s
Top 10 Fragrances For Fall / Winter 2020 – Podcast
Show Details15min 4s
We Have To Get Up Again, Situation In Italy – August 2020 – Podcast
Show Details8min 55s
How to Succeed in Your Career as a 23 Years Old – Podcast
Show Details13min 56s
3 Steps To Lose Puffy Cheeks and Get a Better Jawline – Podcast
Show Details11min 1s
2 Years Of YouTube! What I Learned and Curiosities- Podcast
Show Details16min 28s
Italian Or English Social Media Content? – Podcast
Show Details13min 11s
Situation July 2020
Show Details13min 45s
Next iPhone With No Charging Cable? Pizza Hut Bankruptcy? – News Podcast
Show Details11min 45s
Social Media Posting Routine for Constant Growth – Podcast
Show Details10min 24s
Success and Spirituality With Andrew Soler
Show Details1hr 20min
What’s Happening Now? Update June 2020
Show Details5min 28s
Why Reading “The Power of Now” is All You Need to Learn about Spirituality – Podcast
Show Details10min 53s
Guided Meditation With Andrew Soler – Podcast
Show Details17min 8s
Dear Future Me – Podcast
Show Details12min 5s
Why I do Yoga to Become Successful – Podcast
Show Details7min 29s
My Daily Positive Affirmations – Podcast
Show Details11min 14s
Quality Over Quantity? What I’m Learning and Updates – Podcast
Show Details10min 13s
Interview With Andrew Soler about Success and Motivation – Podcast
Show Details55min 40s
My Top 10 Favorite Perfumes 2020 – Podcast
Show Details13min 48s
I Did the Wim Hof Method for a Month (Cold Showers and Breath) – Podcast
Show Details11min 28s
How To Have A Deeper Voice – Podcast
Show Details13min 5s
Tips To Start in Hollywood – Interview With Martin Ortiz – Podcast
Show Details8min 48s
My Productive Quarantine Routine – Podcast
Show Details8min 58s
Interview With Mister World – Podcast
Show Details15min 39s
How To Have a Surfer Hairstyle – Podcast
Show Details10min 19s
Benefits Of This Quarantine – Podcast
Show Details13min 15s
How To Get TikTok Famous 2020 – Podcast
Show Details11min 9s
Best Fragrance for Each Season – Podcast
Show Details11min 12s
What’s My Niche? My Content Purpose – Podcast
Show Details8min 30s
The Wim Hof Method Makes You More Successful – Podcast
Show Details18min 45s
How To Start Working In Hollywood – Podcast
Show Details11min 7s
AirPods Pro Review, Are They Perfect for Productivity? – Podcast
Show Details10min 21s
4 New Fragrances Review – Podcast
Show Details9min 5s
How To Deal With Coronavirus (Italian POV)
Show Details8min 25s
How To Improve Your Voice – Podcast
Show Details8min 22s
Updates “Coronavirus In Italy” – Podcast
Show Details5min 42s
Situation In Italy During Coronavirus (Podcast)
Show Details11min 28s
Lacoste Blanc and Versace The Dreamer Fragrances Review
Show Details8min 3s
What I’ve Learnt After 15 Days in Los Angeles
Show Details8min 39s
How To Grow On TikTok 2020
Show Details8min 55s
Model Tips On How To Attract Girls
Show Details10min 59s
Why I Always Wear Total Black Outfits
Show Details5min 18s
7 Curiosities About Italian People That Only They Know
Show Details14min 53s
“The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k”, One Lesson I Learned
Show Details9min 14s
How To Become A Model Using Instagram
Show Details9min 2s
My Top 5 Parfums De Marly Fragrances For Men
Show Details9min 55s
How I Got To My First 10.000 YouTube Subscribers
Show Details8min 56s
I’m Finally Going To Los Angeles Looking For New Opportunities
Show Details7min 19s
How I Lose Fat Quickly With Intermittent Fasting
Show Details7min 58s
Rasasi La Yuqawam Fragrance Review
Show Details9min 14s
If You Want To Be Happy You Need To Lose Your Bad Values
Show Details5min 51s
Montale Arabians Tonka Fragrance Review
Show Details9min 11s
Marco D’Elia Q&A
Show Details6min 45s
How To Fix Your Posture And Have A Better Jawline
Show Details5min 24s
My New Year’s Self-Development Projects And Goals For 2020
Show Details7min 55s
How I Keep Myself Clean With Only Two Showers Per Week
Show Details8min 16s
My 2019, All The Things I Did To Improve Myself
Show Details17min 35s
My Christmas Gifts 2019
Show Details6min 13s
How to Create An Iconic Brand – Fragrance One Case Study
Show Details13min 32s
Top 5 Questions To Make Alexa (Amazon Echo)
Show Details8min 32s
What Is Happening On YouTube (Rewind 2019, Etika, Etc.)
Show Details11min 12s
How To Read 5x Faster
Show Details13min 41s
Learn From Others But Still Be You
Show Details9min 32s
My Hair Routine For Perfect Curly Hair For Men
Show Details7min 11s
My Personal Growth Journey, What I’m Doing
Show Details7min 30s
7 Items Any Man Should Own
Show Details10min 7s
I Figured Out My Life Outline
Show Details8min 54s
My Skin Care Routines To Get Rid Of Acne Scars
Show Details7min 13s
Self Awareness, Updates, A​nd My Patreon
Show Details8min 3s
How To Start Meditation
Show Details9min
5 Steps Any Guy Can Do To Instantly Look 10x Better
Show Details5min 24s
The Marco D’Elia Podcast – First Episode
Show Details11min