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Think Big

Do you feel listless? Like there's more but you just can't see it? Are you drifting? Perhaps you want more but just don't seem to know how to push to the next level?

Success is about living intentionally. There is a magic and a science to it which I love to combine. I come with examples from ancient texts like the classical philosophers and the bible, but also neuroscience and psychology which is proving the ancient theories correct!

The truth about our reality which is hidden in plain sight leads me to ask the question: Are you thinking big enough in your life?

Join me for my weekly podcast where I bring the inspiration I am finding in my own performance studio with my students and share it with you.


What is Life Coaching
Show Details10min 58s
Make Video Easy
Show Details19min 11s
Finding the Wins
Show Details13min 37s
Finding Motivation (Interview with Jason Stackhouse}
Show Details7min 47s
Facing Invisibility
Show Details16min 50s
What are you afraid of?
Show Details12min 55s
Having a Success Mindset
Show Details13min 43s
What is your priority?
Show Details7min 57s
Practicing Making Mistakes to Elevate Energy
Show Details8min 22s
Letting Go of Control
Show Details11min 15s