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The Manic Metallic Podcast

The Manic Metallic Podcast gives listeners the chance to dive into fashion from all aspects of time: past, present, and future. Multiple times per week, we discuss current events impacting the fashion industry, the people and places that have shaped what fashion has become, and what fashion has to look forward to. 


021. Manic Metallic Takes On The Oscars
Show Details11min 19s
020. "Who Is....Jeanne Lanvin?"
Show Details13min 5s
019. Three Things Exciting Manic Metallic In Fashion - Fashion Brands Finally Taking A Stand On the Russian War Against Ukraine, Fashion Weeks Not Being Canceled During This Crisis, and Stellar Outputs In Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks
Show Details10min 55s
018. "Who Is...Virginia Pope?"
Show Details6min 59s
017. When World Crises Strike, How Do Those Of Us In Fashion Cope?
Show Details10min 36s
016. Why The Means By Which Gathering Information Is Important – And What That Means For Fashion
Show Details19min 4s
015. "Who Is....Vince Camuto?"
Show Details8min 4s
014. The Last Word - New York Fashion Week FW22
Show Details16min 53s
013. "What Was....colette?"
Show Details7min 31s
012. "Who Is....Teri Agins?"
Show Details8min 27s
011. Three Things Exciting Manic Metallic In Fashion - Manic Metallic's NYFW Attendance, Stockholm Fashion Week, and Alexander McQueen's Upcoming Show In New York
Show Details6min 34s
010. "Who Is....Eleanor Lambert?"
Show Details12min 35s
009. Three Things Exciting Manic Metallic In Fashion - Copenhagen Fashion Week, The Use Of Fungi In Fashion, and threeASFOUR
Show Details11min 43s
008. "What Was....Wanamaker's?"
Show Details8min 25s
007. We Are Better Than This: The Metaverse’s Impact On The Fashion Industry
Show Details13min 6s
006. "Who Is....Gia Carangi?"
Show Details11min 8s
005. Three Things Exciting Manic Metallic In Fashion - Fashion Group International, Thom Browne, and Manic Metallic's Upcoming NYFW Coverage
Show Details9min 54s
004. "What Were....The Coty Awards?"
Show Details8min 41s
003. Should The Fashion Industry Consider Embracing Slow Journalism?
Show Details13min 34s
002. "Who Is....Elsa Klensch?"
Show Details19min 33s
001. Three Things Exciting Manic Metallic In Fashion - S/S 2022 Haute Couture Week, the Fashion Act, and Alternative Fashion Capitals
Show Details14min 52s