The Living Well

On this show, I draw an encouraging Word from The Living Well and share a cup to help the family live well! Meet me every day at The Living Well.


TUESDAY - Forgiveness Is Not Optional
Show Details4min 35s
MONDAY - Why I Say We Own Mondays
Show Details4min 38s
FriYay! - Gracefully Speaking
Show Details5min 42s
THURSDAY - Arise and Go!
Show Details5min 12s
WEDNESDAY - Praise the Lord!
Show Details3min 50s
TUESDAY - Let's Do Great Exploits!
Show Details4min 41s
MONDAY - Have Faith In God
Show Details4min 56s
SUNDAY - God Is Good To Errbody!
Show Details5min 51s
SATURDAY - Open My Eyes So I Can See!
Show Details5min 1s
FriYay! - Joy Gets You Through
Show Details4min 14s
Show Details4min 2s
WEDNESDAY - It's In Your Heart
Show Details3min 30s
TUESDAY - Be Prepared! There Will Be An Attack!
Show Details5min 29s
MONDAY - Thanksgiving Comes Early
Show Details2min 45s
SUNDAY - The Sunday the Enemy Attacked My Heart
Show Details3min 27s
SATURDAY - Full of Power!
Show Details3min 33s
FriYay! - Swing Your Sword
Show Details3min 3s
THURSDAY - Get Wisdom!
Show Details3min 24s
WEDNESDAY - Plant the Word
Show Details4min 19s
TUESDAY - Times of Refreshing
Show Details3min 36s
Happy Memorial Day!
Show Details3min 2s