Meet Chloe Landis - Arts Education, Post-Grad Adjustments, and Life As A UCLA Transfer Student + A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Season 1 | Episode 5
59m | Aug 20, 2020

Welcome to the Lift As We Climb Podcast with Kaelyn Grace Apple (@TheRedHeadAcademic). While we strive to achieve success, we must always remember to “lift as we climb.” New Episodes Every Wednesday!

In today’s episode I interviewed Chloe Landis. Chloe is a recent graduate with her Bachelors and Masters from UCLA in Art History and Egyptology. She is a retired competitive figure skater and has gone on to pursue her education in Egyptian art, while also dedicating her life to arts education programming. We discussed her success, career pivots, our experiences as transfer students, among several other topics. 

Check Out Chloe’s IG @ChloeLJayne and YT @ChloeLandis

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