Crisis at the Border – Migrants, Motherhood & Medical Care

37m | Apr 4, 2021

Guest is Denice Labertew. She is a women’s rights advocate, professor, and former US envoy to foreign states – providing policy guidance to protect the rights of women and girls. Her work includes negotiating regulations in the Violence Against Women Act, and advocating for human rights at the recent UN Universal Periodic Review – on the US Treatment of migrant women and girls detained at the US/Mexican border.

Discussion focuses on the Trump administration and its treatment of migrant women and girls up to and including before President Biden took office. According to official reports, under the Trump administration the International Standards for keeping families intact – were repeatedly violated by the US.

Other reports of children forcibly taken from their parents and put in Foster Care are equally disturbing. Other reports of unnecessary medical procedures and withholding of hygiene materials appear inhumane. Discussion on the mental trauma and revictimization of these migrants, after fleeing their homeland in search of safety.

Is the US traumatizing another subset of future Americans by forced family separation? Are forced sterilizations of migrant women taking place? Is the US violating International Treaties and Human Rights Standards? This discussion explores all these issues with a look from someone who had an inside view from the US Department of State.

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