The League of Lunatics Podcast

Weeklyish news and shit-talking for the fantasy football league, The League of Lunatics. If you're not in this league, it won't make any damn sense to you.


How is Levi still undefeated? Plus Derrick Henry News & AB for Ridley Trade
Show Details29min 43s
Week 2-3 Recap (2021) and Zach's Week 3 Victory Presser - Shit is Wild
Show Details18min 33s
Interview with Zach- $125 for Elijah Mitchell, eh?
Show Details10min 58s
Week 2 Victory Press Conference - Nate
Show Details9min 49s
Week 1 Recap (2021) - Say 'Hello' to Alex Henke
Show Details20min 23s
Week 1 Victory Press Conference w/JP
Show Details9min 57s
Draft Recap (2021) - Ghost Team Meltdown
Show Details16min 43s