The Last Girls Standing Podcast

Two beauty and horror fanatics, Imani Owens and Anya Brosnan, get together each week to discuss the horrors in film and in life. Join them as they navigate their way through gore and gossip all the while blending in comedy and beauty.


6: Terrified (2018)- "HE NEEDS SOME MILK"
Show Details1hr 35min
5: The Conjuring (2013)- Presidential Ghostbusters
Show Details1hr 25min
4: The VVitch (2015)- The Devil Wears Louboutins
Show Details1hr 15min
3: Jeepers Creepers (2001)- Shiny Pickles
Show Details1hr 5min
2: Last Girl Standing (2015)- Naieve Jackalopes
Show Details1hr 16min
1: Beware of Blue Jays and Raptors!
Show Details34min 26s