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The Last Girls Standing Podcast

Two beauty, True Crime and horror fanatics, Imani Owens and Anya Brosnan, get together each week to discuss all things creepy. Join them as they navigate their way through gore and gossip all the while blending in comedy, career life, motherhood and the occasional serial killer.


7. Scary Stories: Anya's haunted house
Show Details41min 2s
6. True Crime: The murder of Skylar Neese
Show Details56min 33s
5. The Black Phone (2022)
Show Details1hr 36min
4. Scary Stories: The Lady of the Lake
Show Details44min 30s
3. True Crime: The case of John List
Show Details33min
2. Fresh (2022)
Show Details1hr 15min
1. Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves
Show Details16min 33s