The Kingdom Podcast

The Kingdom Podcast prepares you to get into the predestined position God has for you in His Kingdom through relationship with Jesus Christ, the eternal King of the Kingdom. The urgent message of this podcast is that the way you position yourself in the Kingdom now qualifies you for whatever level of authority you will have throughout all of eternity. This podcast equips you by teaching you about the Kingdom, telling stories about the power of the Kingdom, and showing you how to be more like the King of this awesome Kingdom.


Man vs. Prayer
Show Details12min 14s
People of Judea v. Disciples of Jesus
Show Details28min 47s
The Ecclesia v. The Gates of Hell (Subscriber’s Cut and Bonus Version Included)
Show Details55min 57s
The Sword of Truth v. Pilate Under Peer Pressure (Free Version)
Show Details23min 36s
The Finger of God v. The People at Capernaum (Free Version)
Show Details26min 34s
You’re Frustrating the devil
Show Details14min 47s
Show Details17min 30s
Don’t Be A Sitting Duck
Show Details21min 47s
Humbled by the Virus
Show Details25min 3s
You’re Running Too Fast!
Show Details23min
Show Details20min 26s
The Inner Workings of the Soul
Show Details27min 56s
Why I Am A Christian.
Show Details28min 40s
What’s In It For You?
Show Details1hr 25min