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The Jesus Movement Podcast

ATD Presents… The Jesus Movement podcast: conversations to equip you to host the presence of Jesus through worship, prayer and Gospel proclamation — because we believe Jesus changes everything. Tune in to hear stories of what God is doing across the body of Christ, receive fresh biblical insights and gain practical tools to experience more of Jesus’ presence in your life, ministry and city.


Aaron Reeves : The Presence of Jesus, Public Adoration, and Stories from the Streets
Show Details40min 28s
Billy Humphrey : Healthy Church Community, 24/7 Prayer and Global Missions
Show Details1hr 8min
Jason Hershey:The Tabernacle, Tents and the Stirrings of the Spirit
Show Details36min 2s
Suzy Yaraei & David Vallier : Why We Worship, Why It Matters and How To Do It
Show Details47min 28s
Jonathan Friz : Global Unity in the Body of Christ, City Wide United Prayer, and the Glory of God through Love.
Show Details50min 19s
Torrey Harper & Ronnette Cooper : Prophecy, Practicals, and Stewarding the Promises
Show Details1hr 1min
Ray Hughes : Creative Worship and Discipling Artists
Show Details39min 21s
Thai Lam : Jesus, College Campuses, Gen Z, and the why the phrase "Revival Is Family".
Show Details36min 24s
Kirk Bennett : The Order of Melchizedek. Our Access, and Identity
Show Details40min 16s
Victor Vieira : Eco Systems, The Church, and The End Times
Show Details37min 38s
Giovanni Munoz: Renewal, revival, Unity, and Fourteen New Prayer Rooms in Tampa
Show Details44min 15s
Allen Hood | Jeremy Duggins : How the Generations Must Work Together
Show Details50min 10s
Chris Burns : The New Covenant, The Modern Priesthood, and Worship as Ministry to the Lord
Show Details29min 29s
Brad Stroup : The House of Prayer Movement in America
Show Details49min
Michael Miller : The Pursuit of the Presence of God, The Revelation of Nearness, and the Hunger for more
Show Details42min 6s
Misty Edwards : The Current State of Worship Music and the Seasons Ahead
Show Details31min 49s
David Bradshaw : The Jesus Movement in our Day and The Gathering of the Awaken The Dawn Family
Show Details34min 56s