Amanda Pittman: You Already Have It

Season 5 | Episode 50
56m | Oct 24, 2022

Confidence in Christ is built on clarity, connection, competency, and conviction. Once we understand that we have access to God on a deeper level, then we will be able to stand in the confidence that we already have, expand our capacity to hear from God, sharpen our ability to walk in obedience, and embrace the promises of God’s Word without sinking in insecurity. 

In this week’s episode of The IRONWIFEY Podcast, we’re joined by Wife, Mother, Author, Speaker, Business Woman and Ministry Leader, Amanda Pittman!

As the founder of Confident Woman Co., a ministry that equips women to stand confidently upon the finished work of Jesus, Amanda's mission is to help women establish their confidence in Christ because she believes Christian women should be the most confident women in the world. Today’s she’s here to discuss her new book, Stand in Confidence: From Sinking in Insecurity to Rising in Your God-Given Identity. 

Let’s Aim to Sharpen One Another:

  • 03:50 - An Introduction To Amanda 
  • 12:45 - Beg God To Break The Spirit Of Fear
  • 19:25 - The Four Components of Confidence
  • 26:40 - Your Purpose vs. Your Calling
  • 32:15 - Define Your Design
  • 38:50 - Spiritual Confidence & Connection 
  • 44:15 - Know Who You Are

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