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The Intellectual Negro

Join intellectual juggernaut Antonio T. Smith, Jr. for esoteric discourses that are designed to make you both doubt everything you ever knew and remember everything you have ever learned. This podcast breaks down the illusion of life and the reality of living within social constructs that do not serve your ascension. Tune into lectures that explain how individuals, governments, authority figures, and culture are shaped by rules, logic, beliefs, and more. Antonio's lectures will give you a new perspective on life and make you evaluate you if you are living your life or the life someone else wants you to live.


s1ep7 How To Get What You Want part 2
Show Details2hr 28min
s1e6 Getting Everything That You Desire
Show Details2hr 19min
s1e5 The Truth About Manifestations
Show Details2hr 44min
s1e4 Being Who You Were Meant To Be
Show Details2hr 17min
s1e3 Aligning With Source
Show Details1hr 57min
s1e2 Don't Worry About The Future
Show Details2hr 3min
s1e1 Lack Consciousness
Show Details1hr 57min
Podcast Opener
Show Details2min 16s