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The Inside

Notice (18-7-22): Episode 6 has been slightly delayed, it will be released in the coming weeks. It's a bit special (3 guest voices and plenty of soundscape), so it'll be worth the wait!

Shrouded in unanswered questions, The Inside contains a collection of the abnormal: bodyshifters, not-so-street-magicians, involuntary fortune tellers, and more... and they want out.

Slice-of-life fantasy with a chilling edge, The Inside is an original audio drama podcast created by Anika Lee Vroom. Woven together from the tales of unlikely heroes, this patchwork story is set in an unforgiving space that seems to have a mind of its own. A mystery unfolds though the voices of the individuals trapped there as they struggle to escape.

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Reddit: r/welcometotheinside


Episode 5: Oversharing
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