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The Infinite Spark of Being

I have been creating under the name The Infinite Spark of Being for quite some time, and with this podcast I will attempt to further explain the ideas touched upon in the books as well as other practices and ideas.

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Episode 67: Journal #6
Show Details22min 43s
Episode 66: Journal #5, Trauma / Stuck Data
Show Details34min 23s
Episode 65: Heavy Lifting of The Spiritual Path
Show Details17min 6s
Episode 64: Journal #4 Spiritual Tourism
Show Details15min 10s
Episode 63: Reading From Book 3 Untitled
Show Details14min 25s
Episode 62: Journal #3
Show Details25min 50s
Episode 61: The Passing of All Things (Reading)
Show Details15min 56s
Episode 60: Journal #2 Post Breathwork (Quickie)
Show Details7min 14s
Episode 59: Journal #1
Show Details22min 40s
Episode 58: Supplement #10
Show Details30min 4s
Episode 57: I Found Radiant Bliss (Reading with Commentary)
Show Details24min 11s
Episode 56: Supplement #9
Show Details23min 11s
Show Details25min 42s
Episode 54: Supplement #8
Show Details18min 58s
Episode 53: Karma, The Subconscious Mind and Experience
Show Details20min 31s
Episode 52: Supplement #7
Show Details28min 22s
Episode 51: Life As a Description
Show Details17min 12s
Episode 50: Supplement #6
Show Details29min 36s
Episode 49: Hymn 2, Hymns of The Infinite Spark of Being
Show Details4min 19s
Episode 48: Supplement #5
Show Details34min 32s
Episode 47: Grace
Show Details23min 35s
Episode 46: Supplement 4
Show Details17min 31s
Episode 45: Wisdom Frees you. Morality Binds You
Show Details19min 24s
Episode 44: Supplement 3
Show Details26min 35s
Episode 43: One Life Several Incarnations
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 43: Supplement 2
Show Details14min 31s
Episode 42: Synchronicities
Show Details34min 48s
Episode 40: Supplement 1, More on Chaos Magick
Show Details17min 8s
Episode 39: Chaos Magick
Show Details55min 5s
Episode 38: Alternate Timelines and Other Lives (Reading)
Show Details31min 51s
Episode 37: Practices: Change The Mind, Change Everything
Show Details40min 8s
Episode 36: You Don't Exist
Show Details20min 31s
Episode 35: The Importance of Meditation
Show Details19min 34s
Episode 34: The Mythology of Forgiveness
Show Details16min 36s
Episode 33: Being Patient With Pain
Show Details20min 10s
Episode 32: Hymn 1 of The Infinite Spark of Being
Show Details4min 28s
Episode 31: Everyday Mysticism
Show Details24min 13s
Episode 30: Loss of Faith- Interview
Show Details1hr 38min
Episode 29: The Episode About Nothing
Show Details37min 20s
Episode 28: God Part 2 Electric Boogaloo
Show Details22min 28s
Episode 27: God
Show Details35min 33s
Episode 26: Illusion
Show Details21min 9s
Episode 25: More on Allegory
Show Details34min 54s
Episoide 24: The Allegory of The Cycle of Birth, Death & Suffering
Show Details22min 47s
Episode 23: Allegory
Show Details26min 24s
Episode 22: Reading: I Used It All
Show Details16min 54s
Episode 21: Shifting Consciousness
Show Details21min 12s
Episode 20: Identity and Existence
Show Details20min 14s
Episode 19: Obstacles, Skepticism & Balance
Show Details32min 39s
Episode 18: Reincarnation and Transmutation
Show Details21min 9s
Episode 17: Purpose
Show Details20min 19s
Episode 16: The Karma Chapter3: Collective Karma
Show Details26min 33s
Episode 15: Death & Dying / Grief & Loss
Show Details53min 5s
Episode 14: "I" Does Not Have The Soul
Show Details16min 5s
Episode 13: My Personal Practice
Show Details28min 6s
Episode 12: The Call Up The Mountain
Show Details19min 20s
Episode 11: Ego, Identity & The Self Concept
Show Details25min 17s
Episode 10: The Practice: Chapter 2, Mind Metaphysics and Mantra
Show Details27min 42s
Episode 9: The Mind: Chapter 4, Trauma
Show Details27min 1s
Episode 8: The Karma: Chapter 2
Show Details24min 51s
Episode 7: The Mind: Chapter 3, Objective and Subjective Reality
Show Details20min 56s
Episode 6: The Mind: Chapter 2, The Conscious and The Subconscious
Show Details21min 10s
Episode 5: The Practice: Chapter 1
Show Details26min
Episode 4: The Karma: Chapter 1
Show Details21min 27s
Episode 3: The Mind: Chapter 1
Show Details24min 10s
Episode 2: Origins of The Infinite Spark of Being
Show Details25min 32s
Episode 1: How Did I Get Here?
Show Details40min 37s