The Infinite Spark of Being

I have been creating under the name The Infinite Spark of Being for quite some time, and with this podcast I will attempt to further explain the ideas touched upon in the books as well as other practices and ideas.

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Episode 20: Identity and Existence
Show Details20min 14s
Episode 19: Obstacles, Skepticism & Balance
Show Details32min 39s
Episode 18: Reincarnation and Transmutation
Show Details21min 9s
Episode 17: Purpose
Show Details20min 19s
Episode 16: The Karma Chapter3: Collective Karma
Show Details26min 33s
Episode 15: Death & Dying / Grief & Loss
Show Details53min 5s
Episode 14: "I" Does Not Have The Soul
Show Details16min 5s
Episode 13: My Personal Practice
Show Details28min 6s
Episode 12: The Call Up The Mountain
Show Details19min 20s
Episode 11: Ego, Identity & The Self Concept
Show Details25min 17s
Episode 10: The Practice: Chapter 2, Mind Metaphysics and Mantra
Show Details27min 42s
Episode 9: The Mind: Chapter 4, Trauma
Show Details27min 1s
Episode 8: The Karma: Chapter 2
Show Details24min 51s
Episode 7: The Mind: Chapter 3, Objective and Subjective Reality
Show Details20min 56s
Episode 6: The Mind: Chapter 2, The Conscious and The Subconscious
Show Details21min 10s
Episode 5: The Practice: Chapter 1
Show Details26min
Episode 4: The Karma: Chapter 1
Show Details21min 27s
Episode 3: The Mind: Chapter 1
Show Details24min 10s
Episode 2: Origins of The Infinite Spark of Being
Show Details25min 32s
Episode 1: How Did I Get Here?
Show Details40min 37s