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Spotlight Indy Corner Archive

The full archive of episodes Spotlight with Benno, JP and Joe formerly hosted on The Indy Corner.


Spotlight Has Moved...
Show Details2min 44s
Spotlight: “Auf Wiedersehen” (wXw 16 Carat Gold 2019, Announcement on future of the podcast)
Show Details2hr 37min
Spotlight: "Benno in AMBITION" (16 Carat Gold Preview, Progress Ch83, RPW Cockpit 39, MLW)
Show Details1hr 33min
Spotlight: "JP & Big Tone" (Rev Pro & PCW Weekender, OTT, FCP, wXw, Honor Rising, WWE)
Show Details2hr 51min
2018 Progress Wrestling Year In Review with Suit Williams and Benno
Show Details3hr 15min
Spotlight: "Gedo Wenger" (OTT, AEW, Rev Pro/PCW Weekender, Progress Top 10 MOTY, Jay White)
Show Details2hr
Spotlight: "Football Factory" (WrestlePro, Progress, OTT, RPW, Rumble Weekend, VOW MOTY)
Show Details2hr 46min
Spotlight: "Poundshop Ogdens" (NJPW, NXT UK Takeover, Nigel McGuinness, Defiant, RevPro & Progress)
Show Details2hr 27min
Spotlight: "#AskRevJoe"
Show Details3hr 38min
REPOST: BWE featuring Spotlight: Best of British and European Wrestling 2018 Extended Edition
Show Details3hr 15min
Spotlight: "Raoul Moat" (Progress, ICW, Fighting Spirit, New Japan, ROH, Dynamite Kid)
Show Details2hr 13min
Spotlight: “Dean Gaffney” (NXT UK revisited, FCP, Progress, RPW, TNT, Impact, US indies discussion)
Show Details2hr 30min
Spotlight: "Jimmy Corkhill" (Progress Ch78, RPW Uprising, Kamikaze Pro, NXTUK, Arquette/Gage)
Show Details2hr 25min
Spotlight: "Frank and Pat" (Progress Ch 77, WWEvolve, Rev Pro Cockpit, GPW, Welsh Wrestling, NJPW)
Show Details2hr 18min
Spotlight: "Rev Joe" (NXT UK vs Rev Pro TV, Global Wars, Walter vs Ospreay 2, Bound For Glory)
Show Details2hr
Spotlight: "5-7 Days" (Progress Hello Wembley Review, Rev Pro Cockpit, Global Wars Preview & more!)
Show Details2hr 30min
Spotlight Special: wXw World Tag League Oberhausen Weekender
Show Details2hr 4min
Spotlight: The Road To Wembley
Show Details2hr 17min
Spotlight: Wrestling MediaCon 2018 Special (British J Cup, Impact vs The UK)
Show Details2hr
Paul Benson Mediacon Interview
Show Details26min 2s
All In Special with Benno, Joe and JP
Show Details2hr 20min
Spotlight: Rev Pro on Freesports, Summer Sizzler, Walter v Devlin, Defiant, Attack and more!
Show Details2hr 21min
Andy Quildan Interview
Show Details1hr 46min
Spotlight: RevPro, wXw and Progress tag team woes
Show Details1hr 20min
New Japan G1 Climax 28: Week Four Review with Benno, Joe & JP (Day 17-18, G1 Final)
Show Details2hr
New Japan G1 Climax 28: Week Three Review with Benno, Joe & JP (Days 11-16)
Show Details2hr 6min
Spotlight: What We’ve Been Watching (ITV WOS Wrestling Fallout, Progress Wembley woes and more).
Show Details1hr 47min
Spotlight: WOS Wrestling Interview Special
Show Details1hr 1min
New Japan G1 Climax 28: Week Two Review with Benno and JP (Days 6-10)
Show Details1hr 27min
New Japan G1 Climax 28: Week One Review with Benno, Joe and JP (Days 1-5)
Show Details1hr 50min
Spotlight Bonus Show: Progress Chapter 72, Grand Pro Wrestling XV, Graps and Claps Preview
Show Details1hr 37min
Spotlight: Strong Style Evolved UK, WWENXT UK, Rev Pro Cockpit 30, Progress vs the World Cup & more!
Show Details2hr
Spotlight: Riptide Interview
Show Details1hr 2min
Spotlight: Riptide Rumble, Rev Pro Mayhem, Progress Be Here Now, 1978 and more!
Show Details1hr 48min
Spotlight: Progress Super Strong Style 16 Review, Rev Pro, EVE and more!
Show Details2hr 45min
Spotlight: Progress SSS16 2018 Preview Show feat. interviews with Flash Morgan Webster & Zack Gibson
Show Details1hr 35min
Spotlight: Joe’s NOLA Trip, Progress Chapter 66/67, wXw True Colours, Rev Pro Live, Fight Club Pro
Show Details2hr 5min
WrestleMania Weekend - Day 3/4 Review w. JP & Benno (Supercard Of Honor, Shimmer, Style Battle, NXT)
Show Details1hr 42min
WrestleMania Weekend - Day 2 Review w. JP & Benno (Springbreak, WWN Supershow, Evolve 103, Impact)
Show Details1hr 18min
WrestleMania Weekend - Day 1 Live Streaming Review w. JP & Benno (Evolve, Bloodsport, WrestleCon)
Show Details1hr 23min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Chapter 65 Review with Suit Williams
Show Details1hr 14min
British Wrestling Spotlight: wXw 16 Carat Gold Weekender Special
Show Details2hr 7min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Chapter 64, Progress Documentary Review, Dale Beaumont-Brown
Show Details2hr 16min
British Wrestling Spotlight: North West Weekender(Progress Chapter 63, Tetsujin & PCW Road To Glory)
Show Details2hr 9min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress and Rev Pro January Catch Up & 5 Star Wrestling on Freesports
Show Details1hr 56min
PROGRESS Wrestling 2017 Year In Review w/ Suit Williams & Benno
Show Details2hr 40min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Best In Brit Wres 2017 (Part 2) with Travis Banks and Mark Haskins
Show Details1hr 44min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Best In Brit Wres 2017 (Part 1) with Jordan Devlin and Charlie Morgan
Show Details1hr 55min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Chapter 58/59, Rev Pro Uprising, Stu Bennett Interview
Show Details2hr 11min
British Wrestling Spotlight: RevPro Global Wars, Progress Manchester, WWE UK - with Martin Bushby
Show Details2hr 4min
British Wrestling Spotlight – Progress Reboots With Chapter 56, #Sabootle, FCP Day Of The Dead
Show Details1hr 53min
British Wrestling Spotlight - Fight Club Pro Project Mayhem 6
Show Details2hr 6min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Chase The Sun Review, Pro Wrestling EVE, Bram and OTT...
Show Details1hr 51min
British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Wrestling – The Road To Ally Pally
Show Details1hr 48min
British Wrestling Spotlight - Rev Pro J Cup, Progress Chapter 51, Good Wrestling
Show Details1hr 40min
British Wrestling Spotlight - What We've Been Watching
Show Details1hr 47min
PROGRESS Super Strong Style Day 3 Review
Show Details26min 6s
PROGRESS SSS16 2017 Day 1 & 2 Review
Show Details31min 52s
British Wrestling Spotlight - Fight Club Pro Elite Friday
Show Details2hr 12min
The Indy Corner Presents... British Wrestling Spotlight - Attack! Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational
Show Details2hr 15min
The Indy Corner Presents... British Wrestling Spotlight - Rev Pro High Stakes 2017
Show Details2hr 1min