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The Indian's Guide to Studying Abroad

If you’re wondering how to apply and be accepted by top universities, how to study and successfully pass your course, and how to secure that dream job once you’ve graduated – this podcast is for you!

Through our shows we will share with you our tips, techniques and strategies and support you through every step of your exciting journey. During our guest interviews, you will get to hear from students who have successfully studied abroad, the academics who have taught them, and the people who have employed them.

We have over 40 years of combined knowledge in senior academic roles in the UK and have supported students throughout their application, education and employment journey. We now want to share this knowledge with you. 

So, listen, subscribe, connect and enjoy the success you deserve.

Until we meet,

Dr Ranjit Khutan & Professor Tony Stewart

Co-hosts of The Indian’s guide to study abroad


Ep 006 – What will a Biden presidency mean for Indians studying in the USA?
Show Details11min 17s
Ep 005 – Covid-19 Guidance for Indians already studying abroad
Show Details30min 29s
Ep 004 – Covid-19 study abroad advice
Show Details21min 30s
Ep 003 - What to include in your study application
Show Details8min 42s
Ep 002 - Why do Indians study abroad?
Show Details7min 54s
Ep 001 - Why a podcast for Indians wishing to study overseas?
Show Details25min 30s
Ep 000 - The Indian’s guide to studying abroad – podcast trailer
Show Details2min 52s