The Inciting Moment: An Entertainment Media Podcast

With every story, there is what's called an "Inciting Moment." It's an event that occurs that jump starts a characters journey or serves as the root cause of a story's conflict. The Inciting Moment is a podcast consisting of like minded individuals that discuss films, video games, and just about anything that can be argued to have an inciting moment. New episodes are released bi-weekly on Fridays and each member of the podcast takes turns recommending a new film to discuss. The following film is announced at the end of every episode so listeners can tune into the conversation as well.


EP 4: Zack Snyder's Justice League
Show Details2hr 13min
EP 3: Lola Bunny Nonsense, Monster Hunter Movie, Infini
Show Details57min 30s
EP 2: 2020 in Review Part 2, Daft Punk Split Up, Interstella 5555, Ip Man
Show Details1hr 33min
EP 1: Introductions, Entertainment in 2020 Part 1, Stranger than Fiction
Show Details1hr 25min